Are You Hungry? You’re Not Alone: #mealforameal

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 12 September 2014


The Digital World consistently infiltrates the world of IRL In Real Life for the digital philistines – so that the line between the two blurs more and more as each day passes. Our reality operates in dualities: fast versus slow, dark versus light, matter versus anti-matter, ying versus yang. You get the picture. We even have parallel universes – scientifically. So why not mixed realities: digitally and realistically? 

Can we become so powerful that the digital world and real life merges into an all-powerful dual-parallel universe?

If there is anything that is consistent between IRL or online, it is substance. Meaning breathes life into everything, be it Mannequin or Mouse. As in real time, if you have authority IRL or online, you have power. The internets isn’t real. But our impact upon it is. Weird Science produced the perfect Kelly LeBrock – and some 20 years later, we have the smarts, the smartphones, the technology and the purpose to make our parallel worlds work beyond the betterment of ourselves to that of the whole of humankind. 

We can make hashtags real. 


We live in a world where our smartphones are the first thing we wake up to and the last thing we see when we go to sleep at night. Virgin Mobile  are taking our self-absorbed mobile phone behaviour to make the world a better place. This is Healthy Narcissism. All those complaints about people threatening to unfriend you ‘cos all you do is clog up their newsfeed with images of your breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks in between: don’t be hatin’. #mealforameal-in. 


Move over #foodp0rn. There’s a new hashtag in town. And it’s so awesomes, it’s empowering the homeless: one meal at a time. #mealforameal is brand new and shiny to the foodie scene, for the bestest reasons of all: it’s all about turning our #foodp0rn pics into real meals for those in need.

Ethically bound to making mobiles more connected to our lifestyle than they already are, while finding newer ways of making smartphones a positive force in our life, Virgin Mobile are using our mobiles against us – for good; to make humankind betterer. If you’re one of the hated sharing your meals across social media, go forth and #mealforameal, turn from zero to supehero, and turn those images of food goodness into real meals for the peeps who go without.


Homeless people rarely have a smartphone, let alone a facebook page to connect to the world. They’re lucky to find a meal a day, let alone record a photo of a meal from some fine dining establishment, or that fabulous dinner mum cooked up with the freshest produce our local delis could supply. Never has the line between The Haves and The Have Nots been so stark. And for the first time, it’s taken the efforts of a charity and a massive cool corporation to use the self-indulgent behaviours of The Haves against itself and provide a necessary everyday need – um like food, you know? – for The Have Nots.


OzHarvest resourcefully rescues excess food, delivering to those in need. Four million tonnes of food to the cost of $8 billion dollars annually heads straight to Australian landfills each year. For shame. Since 2004 and operating out of one van when 4,000 meals were distributed in its first month, OzHarvest has expanded to deliver 480,000 meals per month using 23 vans. And Virgin Mobile are committed to providing 400,000 meals or handing meals out until November 1: which ever comes first.

And now OzHarvest and Virgin Mobile connect with the help of three very special celebrity chefs, using our vainglory to make the world a better place. We can take the meals we share on social media and turn them into real meals simply by tagging our foodie pics with #mealforameal. Chefs Adriano Zumbo, George Calombaris, Andrew Levins, and the team from Gelato Messina are also committed to #mealforameal, determined to see the digital world spill over into the real one.


We can become so powerful that the digital world and real life merges into an all-powerful dual-parallel universe. We can make hashtags real #mealforameal. Hashtag your hash browns, your curry, your burger. Post your food pic using #mealforameal to help feed people in need. And make a difference by being narcissistic all at the same time.


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