Bacchus Brewing Co talks Beer and Brewsvegas

As Brewsvegas prepares to take over The City from Sunday March 23, Ross Kenrick from Capalaba based brewery Bacchus Brewing Co chats why beer is the best thing since sliced bread.

This article was posted on our original site My City Life back on the 20th March 2014

While Brisbane continues to get all artisan in daily lifestyle, craft beer has certainly lead the charge. The local microbrewery has really taken off, with quite a few local brews emerging as a result. In The City, you just ain’t kosher without a craft beer list.

And as Brewsvegas prepares to take over Brisbane from Sunday March 23, My City Life hits it heavy and stout with Ross Kenrick from Capalaba based brewery Bacchus Brewing Co to find out why Brisbane’s beer palate has become so developed, what Brewsvegas means to us and why beer is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Brisbane has gone through a massive craft beer revolution: how do you think this came about? And what do you think this signals for Brisbane?
Many people are turning away from mass produced, bland, flavourless beer as they discover the incredible range of full flavoured, hand crafted beers that that are now becoming available. The recent boom has mainly been due to the changes in liquor licensing, that has resulted in people being able to open small, fully independent bars, not controlled by the big players. Before this, it was almost impossible for a small craft brewery to get their beer on tap in Brisbane.People are turning more to full flavoured, artisan, chemical free products – whether it be food or drink. This signals a very bright future in Brisbane for people who choose what they’d like to drink, rather than being told what to drink by a few major corporations. 

What does Bacchus Brewing add to the local craft beer industry?
Variety and quality. We run a totally unique, multi vessel, small batch (just single keg batches) brewery, offering bespoke brewing services to the trade & public. We create personalized beers for bars, private events, weddings and so much more. 

With this craft beer revolution, so many other local craft beer artisans have emerged. So how does Bacchus stand out?
Bacchus is fortunate to be under the same roof as one of Australia’s leading home brewing and craft brewing supply shop’s “CraftBrewer” and we have an unparalleled selection of the freshest ingredients to choose from, on hand, every day. Coupled with our small batch, multi vessel brewery we are able to produce up to 12 different beers a day and are continually exploring & pushing the boundaries of flavour in beer. We create approximately 150 new beers every year. 

Australia is fourth in the world as a beer-swilling nation which means we’ve always loved our beer. So what does Brewsvegas mean to Brisbane?
A week where over 35 beer venues are showcasing Brisbane’s unique identity and thriving craft beer culture through over 80 events that show off the individual bars personalities to the full. It will truly be a fantastic week.

What we really want to encourage is for you, whether you’re a fully-fledged bona fide beer geek or simply dipping your toes is to get amongst it and discover something new, something different, something interesting. Whatever you do, make sure you check out a venue you haven’t tried before. Raise a new beer to your lips, breathe it in and taste it. 

What kind of show will Bacchus Brewing be putting on for Brewsvegas?
We will have over 50 different beers on tap over Brisbane during Brewsvegas, and 25 of these are brand new beers – never released before. These range from the Leidenschaft Berliner Weisse which is a 3% passionfruit & Pomegranate sour beer, to the Rogue Ninja, a massive 12.5% Imperial IPA. We will be around all week in the bars, sharing the love and answering questions. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


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