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Cat Matson is Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer, overseeing the citywide Digital Brisbane strategy for Brisbane Marketing, while strengthening the city’s digital start-up ecosystem. Cat co-hosts the Social Media for Small Business Podcast and chairs Brisbane’s Networx Events for Marketers.


Technology geeks have to check-in to Next Hotel, Brisbane. SilverNeedle Hospitality Group have executed a spectacular redevelopment of the old Chifley At Lennons, doubling capacity to 304 rooms which are all ‘app-enabled’. App-enabled means check-in, check-out, unlock doors and set room temperatures remotely from the ‘Next’ app on your phone.

Guests are provided with a Samsung Galaxy S4 for the duration of their stay. I love the thought of being able to leave my hotel room with only my phone. Yes, it’s the simple things. 


I am loving the new Haystack App for collecting and storing my business card details. I take a photo of the card and the app stores the details. It’s much better than cards piling up on my desk, and the database is totally searchable so you can find the person again. The awesome part though is that it scours the net to keep those details up-to-date. Co-founder and CEO, Ran Heimann says, “It is auto-updating, thanks to a custom learning algorithm that sits at the heart of Haystack. It constantly searches for more accurate information,” he maintains, “deciphering social and relational data to work out the old from the new, to ensure your contacts are always up-to-date.” The most exciting part though is that Haystack is a Brisbane-based company. I’m proud and excited every time I use it.


Twitter has been playing with an ad model for a while now, to open up their advertising platform to Australian small businesses. This speaks volumes about Twitter’s determination to be a significant player in the social media space and their commitment to be more valid – particular with the Australian market. As Facebook becomes harder and harder to gain traction on for small businesses, I think the Twitter advertising platform offers a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to reach and engage with their audience again. Kinda makes me nostalgic for the early days of twitter circa 2008, with the potential of Twitter for small business marketing and networking.

From the archives: This is from our original site, MyCityLife, posted back on 20 January 2015


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