Celebrating International Martini Day … with Sling Lounge

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 17 June 2014.

Samuel Floyd, Sling Lounge drink-slinger and kool kid gets down and muddy to produce the perfect Martini.

There is no right or wrong way for making a martini. The perfect martini is the one that the customer desires, and that’s the one we make here at Sling Lounge. This particular martini is a twist on The Negroni, which is popular during these winter months. 


At Sling Lounge, we love our classics, and there is no better classic than The Negroni. And on International Martini Day, we have the perfect recipe.  

My dad once said to me that if I was ever lost in the bush, the first thing I should do is start making a martini. As the years went on, I thought about this and decided this kind of thinking meant it was time for him to go into a retirement village. While it was nice to evict him from his home, his advice rang true one day as I was tramping through the Southern Alps. I was three days into my tramp and a snowstorm had turned the track into little more than a slight indent on a pure white plain. Knowing that it was getting too dark to make out the way, I set up camp. My pack was almost empty, but, as fate would have it, I had a cup, some Cinzano vermouth, half a bottle of Campari, and a bottle of Bulldog Gin.

I started chiselling out a perfect piece of block ice from a small glacier near my camp and placed it in my mug. I delicately poured half the gin in, stirred it precisely 12 times clockwise, added a splash of Campari, half a nip of Cinzano vermouth, and then in went the other half of the gin. I was halfway through my 6th counter-clockwise spin when I made out a figure against the snow-lit darkness. 

“Hello? Is someone there?” I said, hoping I wasn’t going delirious.
“Look mate, you’re not doing it right. Here, I’ll show you how to make it properly.” 

Dad’s advice rang true: If you’re making a martini, no matter what, about halfway through, some joker is going to show up and tell you you’re doing it wrong. Luckily here at Sling Lounge, we know how to make the best martinis, and we can show you how to make it properly. 


Add 30ml of gin to a mixing glass and a block of ice
Stir clockwise 12 rotations
Add 5-7mls of dry vermouth
Add 15ml more of gin 
Stir counter-clockwise 6 times and straw-taste your fantastic concoction
Add 15ml more gin and stir 5-8 more times counter-clockwise – or until it reaches your preferred dilution
Add your concoction to a chilled martini glass.

At Sling, we chill all our martini glasses in their own fridge. You can do this in your fridge at home, but it won’t be quite as good as ours. 

Depending on your gin, add an olive or three for garnish, or a lemon twist to further enhance some nice citrus notes.  

This recipe makes a slightly drier martini than most, but with a nice London Dry Gin such as Bulldog, it really brings out the subtle botanical flavours that can be easily missed. 

There really is no right way to make a martini, it’s simply that we do it better than anyone else. 



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