CÎROC Coconut Vodka … with The Fox Hotel

From the archives: this was posted on our original site, My City Life, 18 June 2014.

CÎROC Coconut Vodka is Brisbane. You only need to look outside to the sunny weather in the middle of our winter to be reminded that we are in the classy capital of the tropical state, and now, finally have a beverage to match. 

Inspired by the recent launch of CÎROC Coconut Vodka and International Martini Day, The Fox‘s Master Mixologist Johnny Little has added two tropical creations to the hotel’s cocktail list. With inspirations ranging from partying with P-Diddy to the classics of mixology and literature, these creations are easy enough to be thrown together at home, yet best enjoyed made by the man, Johnny Little himself, on a night out at The Fox. 


Drawing inspiration from the classic Moscow Mule, this simple and super refreshing little number can be knocked up in batches and is best enjoyed with friends. 

Take a highball glass, muddle 4 slices of lime in the bottom and pour around 60mL of CÎROC Coconut Vodka over the mashed lime wedges.
Top her up with crushed ice and the best quality ginger been you can get your hands on.
Finish off with a mint and lime garnish and enjoy.


This ridiculously luxuriant drink is one fit for P-Diddy and his legendary White Parties. The combination of coconut, pineapple and white chocolate form a heavenly ménage-á-trois, with the texture of the coconut sugar rim adding a second sensory element to the experience.

Take your cocktail shaker and add 45mL of CÎROC Coconut Vodka, 15mL of white chocolate liqueur (we recommend Mozart or Verdrenne), 30mL of freshly blended Queensland pineapple, a dash of lime, and a drop of Fee’s Aztec Chocolate Bitters.
Shake it like a polaroid picture, then double strain into a chilled martini glass, half rimmed with a mixture of desiccated coconut and coconut sugar.
Cut yourself a lime twist and spritz over the drink before arranging either in the mix or on the rim.

Photo credit: Dirty Love Photography


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