Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, Antigone, is getting a modern twist at Queensland Theatre thanks to Matilda award-wining playwright, Merlynn Tong.

Antigone, which will be held at the Bille Brown Theatre, follows the story of two duelling brothers and the repercussions of their eventual deaths. In death, King Eteocles receives a proper burial for winning the war whilst the body of Polyneices is left in battle with his foreign army. A new successor, king Creon banishes anyone from burying the body, and leaves their sister, Antigone, heartbroken and determined to give Polyneices the burial he deserves.

Tong’s adaption of the story welcomes actors Christen O’Leary and Jessica Tovey back to share the stage after previously stared in Queensland Theatre’s Twelfth Night together. Director Travis Dowling, designer Vilma Mattila and lighting designer, Ben Hughes have collaborated on this unique piece of theatre that runs for 2 hours.

For theatre fans looking for new twist on a well-known story, join audiences for Antigone.



Where: Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD 4101

When: Saturday October 26- Saturday November 16

Tickets range from $68-$80

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