The Scoop: Fat Noodle’s Autumn Menu

Get the best out of celebrity Australian chef Luke Ngyuen’s Asian themed eatery by looking at the Top 5 Rules to slurping down Fat Noodle’s brand new and shiny Autumn menu.

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The Top 5 Rules To Slurping Down Fat Noodle’s Autumn Menu

In traditional Chinese style, the layout of Fat Noodle at the Treasury Hotel and Casino resembles many other Asian halls famous for communal dining. Sharing is contagious, and Fat Noodle is designed to share, though they also double as the perfect meal for loners too. The noodle symbolises longevity in China, and you will certainly live long and prosper from Fat Noodle. Get the best out of celebrity Australian chef Luke Ngyuen’s Asian themed eatery that explores Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Malay cuisine when My City Life looks at the Top 5 Rules to slurping down Fat Noodle’s brand new and shiny Autumn menu.

1. You can drink water and tea whenever you feel like, but alcohol should never be consumed alone

This is a life lesson in itself, but especially remember this when dining in Asian culture. Don’t be afraid to make an affair of your time at the Fat Noodle. Wet your mouth with a ginger beer with the Fat Noodle twist. For the ginger lovers, this beverage will moisten the palette for the intense flavours yet to come. Designated drinkers, Fat Noodle has a selection of famous imported Asian beers such as Asahi and Tiger. Designated drivers, there’s more than water and Green Tea available. Be spoiled for choice with fresh-pressed sodas, juices and Vietnamese Ice coffee. The Chinese only drink after a toast is given, so remember to make eye contact and say “gan bei”, Chinese for “empty glass!”

2. Don’t use your chopsticks for pointing or poking: keep the tips pointing down at all times.

This isn’t Italy; you don’t need your hands for making your point. Focus on getting the food from the plate to the mouth. If you’re a chopstick aficionado, try your luck at the Teriyaki Grilled Salmon. The slippery suckers will give you a run for your money, more in taste rather than playfulness. Unlike any sushi train experience, this entree is a must, perfect on its own or accompanying drinks. If you’re more of a dumpling person, Fat Noodle dumplings are standouts. Presentation is key with dumplings and keeping in time with the upmarket beat of the urban Asian restaurant, these pretty parcels come in three varieties: BBQ Pork, Prawn and Vegetable.

3. Never turn over the fish.

In Chinese restaurants, fish is served whole and Fat Noodle follows this tradition. The tempura-battered barramundi with fresh herbs, glass noodles and wasabi aioli is absolutely delicious.

4. It is good form to loudly slurp your noodles, demonstrating to your host that you are enjoying the meal.

Sous chef Sarah Ghim brings her traditions to this Autumn menu, alongside Luke Nguyen’s Chinese and Vietnamese menu items. You will slurp away with the crispy chicken, accompanied with your own bowl of egg noodles topped with Asian greens. Slurp and chew loudly so the one-of-only four female head chefs in Brisbane know how much her food is appreciated. But remember to serve others before you serve yourself!

5. Do not suck sauce off the ends of your chopsticks, even at the end of the meal.

After you’ve cleaned your plate from the entrée and mains, the desserts are the perfect finish to your Asian fusion inspired meal. Make sure you leave room. You won’t don’t need chopsticks for what’s coming and there are two delicious desserts to choose from, The Pandan Coconut Cream Brulee complete with a Fat Noodle twist, as well as a Ginger and Star Anise Panna Cotta. Both are incredible, When with friend, swap and share – just like all good Chinese do!

Photo Credit: Taylor Fielding


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