Gail Sorronda: Cowboys and Aliens

From the archives: This is from our original site, MyCityLife, posted on 14 August 2014

Fashionista and iconic label Gail Sorronda brings a wealth fashion stylings and experience to MyCityLife.

It’s winter but the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Queensland’s very own Ekka is a porthole into the land of contrasts. 

The smell of farm animals and sugar in the air, the visual slur of psychedelic spaceship rides and cowboys, sideshow alley freaks and amusements, laughing clowns, distortion mirrors, carnival ride operators, waves of electric lights and pop music, dripping fresh strawberry sundaes, school crushes, fluffy toys and giggling girls. It is where the country meets the city and it’s a unique insight into the celebration of Queensland lifestyle.

It has an aesthetic; it has a smell; it has an energy; and a feeling.  

It’s a documentary style fashion editorial in waiting.

The first ever show in Brisbane was in January 1876, where men arrived in their suits and ladies their finest garments. This vision reminds me of one of my favourite silent movies the Cabinet of Dr Caligari; a film that led to a collection I presented at Australian Fashion Week called Oh My Goth! It was a tongue’n’cheek, carnival goth-inspired dark romanticism; inspired by contrasts I fantasised about sandwiching the gloss of fashion and the visual noise of the Exhibition together.

As a fashion designer we participate in the Ekka parades as a good opportunity to introduce the label to a broader audience who may not otherwise see the brand. It represents a unique opportunity for visitors from the country and the city to experience the largest publicly available fashion show anywhere in Queensland. It is where tradition and innovation meets alongside the rural and the urban. The CommBank Wrapped In Natural Fibres Fashion Parades celebrates natural resources that strengthen the state’s agriculture industry, showcasing fashion, through emerging and established local designers, featuring wool, cotton, silk and other natural fibres. Natural fibres are important to the Gail Sorronda brand philosophy as we believe in quality, longevity and luxury.


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