goa comes clean for April Fool’s Day

OOH advertising leviathan goa Billboards has admitted to pranking The City with Brisbane’s newest news service BNEnews.com.au.

This article was originally published on our site – My City Life way back on the 1st of April 2014

OOH advertising leviathan goa Billboards has admitted to pranking Brisbane with their newest news service BNEnews.com.auAn overflow of ruses have been rolled out from their digital billboard network since the week hours of this morning, with such headlines as

Michael Hill introduces big toe rings to

Ronaldo McDonalds replaces Ronald McDonald for FIFA World Cup,

100m Statue of Captain Cook proposed for Sydney Harbour, and even

Blues Forfeit State of Origin, “too hard”.

By midday, the hard statistics of at least 36,000 thousand people across Brisbane participating (whether knowingly, or unknowingly) in the April Fools prank were viewed across social media networks. 

New technology has just been integrated into goa’s digital structure that sees their 18 digital billboards running as part of the fastest OOH digital network in Queensland, something that will prove particularly necessary in times of natural disaster. 

My City Life’s editor, having been taken in by the tomfoolery that The G20 Was Moving To Ipswich, is particularly delighted that The City will continue to observe the public holiday on November 14 after all.

The April Fool’s Day gags continue across goa’s digital network and www.BNEnews.com.au.


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