Golden Sound: Top 5 Tracks for The End Of The Line Festival with Peter G.

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 28 October 2014

Golden Sound: The golden ratio in pure mathematics is a divine proportion. And while as a mathematical number it is irrational – that is, going on and on and on, forever eternal and repeating itself in vast and enigmatic ways – the golden ratio is defined by its construction. Its ubiquity and perfect functionality proves its importance is its fundamental character in nature. The golden ratio as the number 1.61803398875 (if it indeed can be called a number) forms a multitude of offshoots and translates into nature as beautiful flowers, the shapely growth of many a majestic tree and the exquisite sounds of music. For in music especially, the golden ratio in sound is purely divine: it is Phi. Feng Shui. The Golden Sound.

Mastermind talent of The Rhodes and anything vaguely key-like, Peter Golikov aka Peter G aka The Man of the Golden Sound knows how to bring heavy Hammond and aural gladness to the stage. He brings his lines of tradition; of vintage and universal appeal perfectly suited to The End Of The Line Festival coming to Woolloongabba Precinct, Saturday November 8.

As a unique street party, The End Of The Line Festival is a Woolloongabba street celebration of food and eclectic stuffs. From the heart of Logan Road, this cultural and culinary hub will celebrate its rich history as one of The City’s top spots for waterholes, dining spots and antiquities. Featuring a lineup of top shelf entertainment alongside pop up stalls, markets, urban experiences and antique treasures, TEOFL has been earmarked as the most unique street party to hit The City and is featured amongst the G20 celebrations. 

And so, Golden Sound comes with all Wurlitzers blaring, sporting premium threads only Good Times could possibly supply. As the spotlight shines on Golden Sound, only the best in jumping kits, electric bass and Nord skills will come to Logan Road, with heavy happiness in musicianship, light on the bombastic and big on the Golden Sounds. In the lead up to The End Of The Line Festival, Peter G presents funk for “ya ear hole”, with the Top 5 Golden Sound Tracks for The End Of The Line.

Randy Crawford: Street Life
Zapp & Roger: So Ruff So Tuff 
James Brown: I Got The Feelin’
James Brown – Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose
(In The Jungle Groove Remix)
Chic: Le Freak


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