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While the customary bright colours and fresh flavours continue to dominate, the air at Gordita's in The Valley is more festive and conducive to carousing with #flamboyant friends.

This article was posted at our original site, MyCityLife -back on the 16th March, 2014

As part of unleashing M&A as the McLachlan and Ann Precinct #edifice in The Valley flies in youngest sibling to Cabiria, Peasant and Lefty’s Music Hall. If Cabiria is the wine-soaked southern European sister, Peasant the mature Spanish conquistador and Lefty’s the obscure slightly wacky but entertaining muso, Gordita is the cute and chubby addition to the family. And with her winning ways, charming manner and ideal bearing, Gordita will certainly guarantee return visits.

The energy of McLachlan Street instantly pervades the restaurant, infusing the # ambience with a dynamic spirit. Dining outside keeps the atmosphere alfresco – perfect for our Brisbane weather.

Dining in brings the activity of the open kitchen direct to your table. The warm tones of the wood, tiles and benches keep the interior inviting while also #offsetting the bright and colourful dishes beautifully. 

From the feature wall, Gordita in all her womanly glory overlooks the proceedings with a studied and benevolent air. Her smile may be #languid, but her pose is passion-filled and alert; indicative of the manner and delivery of the staff, for the service is impeccable European #hospitality. Roving over the menu and selecting the dishes to your taste, you can simply place your trust in your #waiter to pair the perfect wine to your meal.

The Pan con Tomate y Jamon Iberico and warm olives with Lemon, garlic and chilli attunes the tastebuds; the gorgeous Iberico ham atop the sourdough and tomato puree initiating affairs.

The Prawns Tio Diego also revs up the gustatory cells, while the wines – wonderfully selected by our waiter Max – highlights the dishes. A glass of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut goes well with the Stuffed Calamari and Andalusian Green Leaf Salad, but it is the red that is the Alejandro Sanz of the meal – as to be expected, being the customary Spanish wine for the customary Spanish food. The 2003 R Lopez De Heredia Vina Bosconia Reserva washes away any overload in olive oil to leave the palate rich with the #candied cherry and strawberry notes.

The Fire Grilled Chuleton of Beef and Fire-Grilled Pork Loin Cutlets certainly look rustic, but the Piquillo peppers and blue cheese flavours of the beef alongside the Serrano peppers, tomato and mushroom sauce of the cutlets means a hearty meal and convivial evening for friends, with the Vina allowing the simple ingredients to shine brightly.

Paired with the Roasted Baby Carrot Salad, served with caramelised goat’s cheese and honey-cumin dressing, this visit to Spain is more than a lively jaunt.

And after dinner, as the belly bursts with such good food, #desserts of fruit salad, chocolate coolant or almond cake can be overlooked in favour of #cocktails that pack a punch. The Andalucian Summer is particularly #invigorating while the vodka and pomegranate of the Feria De Sevilla will certainly inspire one to break into Figaro’s Aria. Alternatively, from an extensive list of European and Australian wines, an exploratory spiritual journey around the world can certainly be delivered.

And so it stands, that more sedately from The Barracks, Peasant has adjusted Brisbane’s #palates to genuine Spanish cuisine and wines – which we previously got The Scoop on as well. With an established #brio for uncomplicated dishes based upon locally sourced and seasonal produce, The City has embraced this European foodie culture of good food and good wine shared amongst excellent company. For in comparison, Peasant is perfect for the fine dining Spanish experience; so ideal for celebrating significant occasions and/or enjoying a more formal atmosphere. And while Peasant has educated us, Gordita places a bit more emphasis on the fun side of life. While the customary bright colours and fresh flavours continue to dominate, the air at Gordita’s in The Valley is more festive and conducive to carousing with #flamboyant friends. It is not saying that one is better than the other – for both are as grande as each other. The aviso remains: restaurateur Jamie Webb has acknowledged life offers a great many different experiences, and with Gordita, one can satiate and overwhelm our senses within the intimacy of her curvaceous interiors.

Photo Credit: Lady Lex


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