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From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 17 October 2014

As Oktoberfest Munich reached their hangover stage, Oktoberfest Brisbane started lifting their steins to prost the festival that celebrates everything Deutsche. Welcome to the best part of the year that pays tribute to Hendl, Kartoffelknödel, Schweinebraten, Schweinshaxe, Würst, Brezen, Sauerkraut, Blaukraut and Weisswurst. And bier. And lots of it. This is the Disney World for große Kinder.

The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 as a wedding feast honouring Bavarian King Ludwig’s marriage to Maria Theresia of Saxonia.  The ceremony took place at the Theresa Meadow or Theresienwiese. And Oktoberfest returns each year to the same place celebrating the traditions. King Ludwig sure must have been awesome. The festival has had to be cancelled only a handful of times since, thanks to three wars, an epidemic and a depression. That’s really not too bad for 200 years of Oktober-feasting! 

Oktoberfest Brisbane is one of the top ten Oktoberfests in the world. Go us. The Show Bag Pavilion of The Brisbane Showgrounds is transformed into an authentic German Beer Hall. While it’s unlikely Oktoberfest Brisbane can even begin to rival the original Oktoberfest Munich, the camaraderie and atmosphere are just as electric and dynamic. While Germans are often viewed as rude and arrogant (it’s okay, my family is German; I can say that), Oktoberfest will convert any stereotypical stoic concepts about the Deutsch. They’re not just amazing footballers, hard workers and brilliant engineers and technicians. Germans really know how to party. Berlin is not the centre of underground, deep house and techno for the sake of it. In fact, anything that the Germans do, it is actually on an entirely new level compared to the rest of the world. Look at the Audi if you don’t believe me.

But if this is all just Double Deutsch to you and you have no idea what Oktoberfest is all about, MyCityLife will have you speaking Denglish in no time. 


Once Bavarian, you’ll never go back. The ultimate in German experiences comes to Oktoberfest with Bayrisches Eck; the Barvarian Corner. This is the VIP Table where your communal wooden table of eight gets treated to the best of the best. From the raised platform, you’ll have top position in the Oktoberfest Tent to watch the band and audience and soak up the authentic sights, smells and sounds. You can come and go – the table is all yours. Drink from Oktoberfest Brisbane beer steins and munch on your gingerbread cookie while your very own frau hooks you up with German craft biers, Brogsitter wines and schnapps all night long. The best part is the Bavarian Brettl: a true German foodie experience where a meter-long platter of freshly baked pretzels (Bless you King of Cakes‘ Wolfie Kelke), bratwurst, pork knuckles, sauerkraut, cold meats, cheese kranskies, German potato salad and chips are served onto your table. There’s so much food, the table (and your stomach) literally groans under the weight. Add a private bar, toilets and free rides all day long, and this is the only way to experience Oktoberfest Brisbane. The incredible food stalls at ‘Marktplatz’ Market Square will also put a chicken dance into your step. 


Germans are very community minded. Communal seating is the way of tents and beer gardens, so be prepared to become friends with strangers within two steins. You are fine to jump onto the bench, but this is only allowed if stein is in hand and said-stein is swaying back and forth. However, if you choose to jump onto the table, you must skoal your entire stein. If you don’t, you are immediately branded as a dummkopf and you will be boo’ed if you show any signs of weakness. No one wants to be boo’ed by Germans (you really don’t). There’s also fun for all the family with Sunday Family Fun Day. Rides, face painting, puppet shows and a petting zoo at the kinder zone will entertain the Münchner Kindl all day long.


Essen and trinken in moderation. Because both complement the other. The Germans’ created wursts and kasseler to be enjoyed with the best wheat beer in the world for a reason. Eating and drinking means you can keep eating and drinking. Don’t turn into a Bierleichen – a Beer Corpse – because not only will you get boo’ed (and you really don’t want to get boo’ed by a German), it’s just not cool.


There’s nothing like an accordion and an Oompah band to make you feel awkwardly awesome all at once. Did I not mention that the Germans take it to another level? At Oktoberfest Brisbane, Rainer and his ‘Münchner Buam’ complete the experience. From 99 Red Balloons, to Country Road, Rockin’ All Over The World, Fliegerlied and the Chicken Dance, this is what makes Oktoberfest Brisbane. Get into leg slapping, cow bell ringing and even yodeling. Schunkel all day long when you link arms with your neighbours. But most importantly, Ein Prosit will become part of your German-oke vocabulary to make sure you are nicely lubricated for the entire evening ahead. It’s written in the German stars. Since its inception in the late 1950s, this song has become the anthem of Oktoberfests all around the world. If you choose to not learn it now, as the one song that is on repeat every 30 minutes, you’ll certainly learn all the actions and words within an hour. Stand up, hold your stein in your left hand, and sing. At the end of the song, belt out a hearty “Prost” and clink the bottom part of your glass into your neighbours while staring deep into their eyes. You can’t get these wrong, because no one ever gets these right, sober.

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit.

A toast, a toast, To cheer and good times
A toast, a toast, To cheer and good times.


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