How To Protect Your Lips This Winter

My lips seem to know when winter is about to show up because even before the temperature drops, they’re getting all chapped and windburnt. And for years, despite my best efforts carrying various balms in my bag, I still felt like my normally plump lips were all dehydrated and wrinkly. Then I consulted my local dermatologist who had more than a few tips to help my pout survive the winter. Here are some of the best bits of advice I’ve heard, and how well they worked.

Don’t lick your lips
Just don’t. Seriously, it might seem like you are adding moisture but all you are doing is giving the chapped lips more fuel for the fire. Once your saliva hits your lips, it actually dries them out. Plus you know how saliva has enzymes that help digest food in it? These can actually be irritating to your lips.

Use a lip balm
Keep a lip balm handy at all times. Maybe keep on at work, one at home and one in your handbag just to be sure. But not just any lip balms will do…

Avoid lip balms with camphor, menthol or eucalyptus
You know that story that went around saying lip balm had ingredients in it that made you need more lip balm, thus continuing a cycle of ever-necessary balm? Yeah, that’s not a myth. The ingredients above will feel good temporarily, but long term will suck the moisture from your lips and force you to use more balm.

Apply a thick layer of lip balm before you go to sleep
Many people breathe through their mouths when they sleep, and all that air rushing in and out means dry dry lips. Also, heaters that people use in the winter can suck moisture from the air, making it easier for your skin to dry out. Apply a thick layer of lip balm overnight and your lips will be nice and plump and soft in the morning.

Don’t pick off dry skin
Yeah I know, it’s super tempting to try to scrub off the dead, dry skin, but stop! Let that stuff flake off naturally because peeling it off can lead to BLEEDING lips which crust over and are way worse than a bit of chap. Instead apply a heavy ointment-based balm, which will help heal the lips and soften the skin.


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