Isol-Aid has a new home on TikTok!

The Aussie music-streaming festival Isol-Aid has delivered live music into homes and onto phones since March – 9 months, 37 weeks, 828 acts, 903 sets. It’s been a brilliant platform to support emerging and established music acts, helping artists to connect with new audiences. Now partnering with TikTok, Isol-Aid will continue to help musicians with financial support into 2021. . “Isol-Aid has been deservingly recognised for its incredible work supporting Australian artists in connecting with fans online,” said Ollie Wards, Director of Music, TikTok Australia and New Zealand. “We’re looking forward to teaming up with Isol-Aid to support local artists and we’re stoked to get behind the festival as it expands on TikTok”.

We spoke to Emily Ulman, Managing Director and Programmer of Isol-Aid. “Team Isol-Aid will be working with local artists to join TikTok, create content, as well as stream live. The live part of this picture will be much like people have been used to on Instagram, but now will be housed on TikTok”. “People can download the app and check out the content on the artists’ profiles, as well as check out the live streams on

This Sunday’s jam packed line up showcases BABY VELVET, CLIO RENNER, DEBORAH CONWAY, ELLA HOOPER,

For more information about Isol-Aid and upcoming live streams, or if you’re a musician with a creative performance or collaboration idea, head to

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