It’s Wing Wednesday!

Brisbane’s beloved Mexican restaurant, El Camino Cantina is reopening today, along with other crowd favourites Beerhaüs and WingHAÜS! 

It’s no accident that El Camino Cantina is reopening on a Wednesday because it’s Wing Wednesday, the day when sauced up buffalo wings are 10c each. Beerhaüs has a cellar full of fresh beer kegs and forty different beers ready to go, and WingHAÜS is combining 50-cent classic wings with live sports, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm.

All restaurants will open in accordance with Queensland Government regulations around guest numbers and social distancing, along with other innovative technologies that are part of a safe-dining pledge to customers. 

This has been a long-awaited return and these restaurants are keen to get back on their feet so come get your frozen margarita and celebrate Brisbane coming back to life!  


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