Jeremy Clark: Pushing Boundaries #VOC2014

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 10 June 2014.

As the Executive Chef of Hilton Brisbane, Jeremy Clark is a mainstay to The City’s resplendent foodie scene. With more than 20 years under his chef’s whites and red suede shoes (though the two are never worn together, of course), Jeremy is a treasure trove of kitchen knowledge and experience, having worked in many distinguished restaurants and hotels around the world and across Australia.

Since first cutting his teeth in the kitchen, Jeremy has established his reputation as a chef of note through the years; his signature of fresh food cooked simply but beautifully, marking down his name as one of the country’s leading culinary artists. And while a full 12 hour plus day usually sees him around food, whether overseeing the work of his senior chefs to inspecting Hilton’s kitchen operations and even grilling a steak or two beside Vintaged Bar + Grill‘s Sous Chef Dario Fiorino, Jeremy always manages to get home to cook dinner for his wife.

As the captain leading the helm of this #VOC2014 ship, MYCITYLIFE sits down with Jeremy Clark to chat global grill trends, pushing boundaries and who he is most looking forward to working with on the night.

What are your thoughts on Brisbane’s current exploding foodie culture and how do you make sure Vintaged Bar + Grill contribute towards it?
In the last three years, I have lived in Brisbane, the scene has greatly evolved and is still coming into its own, and is imprinting its own identity on the Australian culinary scene.  With Vintaged, we look to global grill trends that we adopt on a local level with a focus on using local produce and supporting our local providores wherever we can. Vintaged’s DNA rest on simply prepared dishes that are well done and remaining true to our ethos which our guests have come to expect.  

You bring so much experience to the table of Vintaged: what challenges do you create so you continue to grow in your craft as a chef and see Vintaged become bigger and better?
Always pushing the boundaries with ingredients and the way different flavours can work together to enable the customer’s palate to experience different tastes and textures.

How do you show your passion in your food?
With the way it is presented, as the eye is just as important as the taste.

Variety Queensland has been committed to #VOC2014 for five years as well as a bunch of other projects to empower young children with special needs. Why do you think Variety Queensland is such an important charity?
It represents a fantastic charity that changes lives for so many people in so many ways. I personally have enjoyed my participation in the Variety of Chefs ball throughout the last three years and have found it be an incredibly enriching experience, seeing the transformation in the children’s smiles; every time we all spend time with them puts a smile on my face. It’s an inspiring experience that I’m delighted to be a part of.

Variety of Chefs Ball is an illustrious event on Brisbane‘s foodie calendar. What can guests can expect as part of this foodie experience?
Amazing food, experience, camaraderie amongst the chefs and Variety and seeing everyone’s contribution to the evening can really make children’s lives different.

Ten of the country’s top chefs will come together for this special event, donating their time and energies across a few days in preparation and the night itself. What do you think it shows when so many respected chefs are willing to unite for such a special event?
It shows how the industry rallies behind a good cause such as Variety – the children’s charity.

Who are you most excited to be working with for the event and why?
I’m looking forward to working with Matt Golinski as he is such a humble, genuine and motivating individual. I look forward to seeing what he will be cooking up on the night – I can’t wait to try his dessert.


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