Jody Wisternoff: Eat Sleep Music (Family) Repeat

In the lead up to the ultimate Sunday session in progressive and house music, My City Life sits down with Jody Wisternoff and chats Eat, Sleep, Music (Family), Repeat.

This article was originally published on our site – My City Life way back on the 8th of April 2014

He is a prodigy of progressive house, an adept of the Anjunadeep label, the Martin Riggs of the Lethal Weapon that is Way Out West, deified disc jockey and revered record producer. And in every phase of his evolution as an artist, Jody Wisternoff has been entirely natural. Since his days cutting his teeth on the decks beside his brother in Bristol, creating in the studios of Smith & Mighty, being track listed by Tim Westwood, and producing tracks with DJ Die and Sue Brice, Jody has merely metamorphosed at each stage into the heavily endowed electronic music virtuoso he is today. Now, whether playing behind the wheels of steel across the world solo or alongside WOW partner in crime Nick Warren, Jody keeps to a schedule that still sees him racking up hours in the studio and honing his craft. His artistry as a DJ-Producer has instinctively lead him on a fruitful path to success, leading to remixes of elite artists like Above & Beyond, the release of his critically acclaimed solo album Trails We Blaze, and an incredibly tight mix with Anjunadeep 05

His hectic schedule brings him down under on a tour that starts in Perth, sees him playing side by side with Nick Warren in Sydney, and finally to Brisbane where Lemon & Lime and Tranceducer presents Jody Wisternoff in all his perspicacity and glory at Capulet. In the lead up to the ultimate Sunday session in progressive and house music, My City Life sits down with Jody and chats Eat, Sleep, Music (Family), Repeat. 

In an interview last week, Nick Warren revealed that Way Out West has been working on an album: an album that has been in the making for quite some time, but with dedicated studio time since December. What’s your side with this album coming together and what trail do you plan to blaze this time?
Yep, we have been casually working on it since 2009 but really stepped up a notch in the last few months. The start of the year is typically quiet as far as touring goes which leads to ideal studio conditions. It’s great when you experience the collaborative synergy still going strong – even after 20 years! I think we are both in a nice place musically right now, to pool our ideas together and come out with something that is greater than a sum of the parts: so far it’s melodic and predominantly club based with an avant-garde twist. 

Your debut album was met with quite a bit of critical acclaim: what did you learn from the process? Is there an album to follow?
For lessons learned, I’ve definitely found that productivity is self-encouraging. The more you have on your plate, the better the vibes. But right now the priority is the WOW album, although I will be releasing some solo singles this year through Anjunadeep. As far as another Jody Wisternoff album goes in the near future: absolutely!

Your gig schedule is quite intense, and you still manage to keep your studio hours up on the production side of things. Any remixes or other collaborations on the horizon?
Really for me, it’s Eat, Sleep, Music (Family), Repeat. I am knee-deep in the process of working on the Anjunadeep06 compilation alongside James Grant. I also plan to do some interesting collaborations this year and have a few remixes coming out in the next few months – including one with Robert Babicz.

You certainly keep yourself going with remixes, productions and gigs. But it’s easy to fall into a pattern of getting caught up in the day-to-day bits and pieces of your craft without expanding upon your skills. So how do you find yourself developing and challenging who you are as an artist?
I think this stuff just happens naturally, and shouldn’t really be analysed too closely. For musical development, I’m always trying to learn new studio skills; keeping up with the latest software encourages all this stuff too. I constantly endeavour to improve my keyboard playing, and my DJ style. 

You’re almost here in Australia for your 2014 tour: any thoughts or standouts on Aussie electronic music?
The scene has been going from strength to strength for years: so many great acts have emerged from down under! Right now, Lancelot is my current favourite, and I am super happy to have signed him to Anjunadeep.

Your Australian tour sees you playing some shows with Nick and coming north to Brisbane for an epic solo Sunday session. You’re quite a favourite with Brisbane: what do you think of Brisbane audiences? And what can Brisbane expect on the dancefloor when you reach us?
Brisbane and Sydney sets will be quite similar as they are both daytime parties – a slightly more relaxed and party style set. It’s gonna be an absolute blast and I cannot wait. I really love playing in your city and the vibe of the people is always pure gold! Huge thanks for showing me support over the years: I cannot wait to party with you guys. It’s the best place to finish a tour.


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