Keeping Healthy & Wholesome With The Unrefined

ABOUT THE WRITERS: Nicola and Jess from The Unrefined have evolved their successful instagram account into a one-stop-shop lifestyle brand.

The Unrefined has marked out a career using a rapidly-growing social media account as a platform to launch a successful granola company, taboo-breaking eBook and a line of swimwear. As two girls from down under who decided to take the sugar-free, full-fat path, these top tips are simple for Keeping Healthy & Wholesome With The Unrefined.

Move Everyday
Move everyday – even if it means getting up half an hour early each day so you can go for a walk or walk to work. We live together and make a conscious effort to get up early before work, go for a walk along the river and come home and have a cup of tea while discussing the day ahead. It really puts you in a positive frame of mind – and surprisingly gives you more energy.

Eat When You’re Hungry
We are both big believers in eating when we are hungry. And no, we don’t mean eat consistently all day. We believe that in order to have a healthy relationship with food, you must be in tune with what your body requires. Often, what we crave is what our bodies need. If we have had a larger than normal dinner, we both wake up and don’t feel like breakfast. Although a lot of people may believe skipping breakfast is the worst thing for your metabolism, we both believe in waiting a couple of hours after we have woken before eating a meal. Although we avoid refined sugar, we don’t deprive our bodies of food or restrict meal portions. We are mindful while we eat, and eat until our body is satisfied.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
Every day is a learning experience. One thing we have both learned throughout this journey is that stressing over small things is a big waste of time and uses up too much energy. Sometimes it’s hard not to get overwhelmed with how much is going on in your life or what other people may think, but the most important thing to remember is to not be too hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and we’re all human.

Eat In Season
You’ll save money and your food will be fresh and the best quality.

Make Time For Family & Friends
This is one thing we were very guilty of not doing when we were first establishing our business. We were very time poor and would take spending time with our family and friends for granted. Our family and friends form the foundation of our lives and are a big support in times of need. We feel every person should make time for those important in their lives, whether it’s once a week or once a fortnight. Life is too short.


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