Kym Machin: What Dreams Are Made Of #VOC2014

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 9 June 2014.

Variety, a place where children’s dreams that seem like fairytales come alive. Sparked by scrumptious scents and flowing fine wine from the culinary wizards of Australia who come together; to create a night of amusement and wonder, from the palate they satiate each noble guest in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Brisbane; for a worthy cause to live, to learn, and to laugh. 

Once upon a time, there was a 16-year-old apprentice chef who followed his dreams to become Australian Apprentice of the year. In the years that followed, he would build an enviable reputation with a string of awards and fine restaurants behind his name. He is Kym Machin, a beloved and respected Brisbane culinary artist who, alongside wife Jade, is the heart and soul of Bare Bones Society.

Kim spends his days juggling CrossFit, picking produce at the markets, working at the café and hanging out with his kids. He believes that Brisbane’s exploding food culture is heading toward more simplistic food styles, backed with strong dietary trends, like the Paleo diet. At Bare Bones Society, there is a strong following of CrossFit, yoga, young mums and gym-goers who seek meals that cater to their dietary requirements. Kym is always on the lookout to create new menus that fit in with the various food culture trends. 

Kym has been living his dream, having worked with Variety every year since its inception to help other children live their dreams too. And on Saturday night, Kim will be enchanting guests alongside partner in crime Ben Williamson on the second entrée; revealing that the dish will keep to his new philosophy of healthy and wholesome food, mixed in with a bit of a ‘fine dining’ twist in its execution. In the lead up to the Variety of Chefs Ball, MYCITYLIFE sits down with the Bare Bones Espresso owner-operator and chats turning one, what VOC means and how he shows his passion in his food.   

As Bare Bones Society faces its first birthday, what have you learnt in the last 12 months?
Yes, we turn one next week! I’ve had to adapt a lot to my customers’ and my family’s needs, whilst still fulfilling the expectations of previous customers from my other Chef roles, due to my reputation in the industry as a fine-dining chef. I’m no longer just in the kitchen and have also had to learn more about the front of house and running a business successfully. Every decision made (the successful ones and the not so successful ones) are decisions made only by Jade and I, and it’s a great feeling to be doing it truly for yourself. 

Your experience and reputation show that you love what you do, so much so, that you’ve started up your own business. But how do you show your passion in your food?
My passion is working with my kitchen staff, teaching them what I’ve learnt and about how to run a successful business.

The Variety of Chef’s ball is coming up at The Hilton Brisbane this Saturday, and is an illustrious event: it’s certainly a highlight on the foodie calendar. What can guests expect as part of this foodie experience?
Guests can expect to have a fantastic and fun night out, with brilliant wines and eating food from some of Australia’s best chefs. All whilst still feeling good about raising money for such an important charity.

And then there’s more to Variety of Chefs than just incredible food: Variety Queensland does so much important work. Why do you think Variety Queensland is such an important charity?
The work the team at Variety does is just amazing and awe-inspiring. Being a charity that I believe receives little to no government funding, it’s so important to have a group of people dedicated to empowering Australian children to live, laugh and learn.

There are ten of the country’s top chefs coming together for this one event. What do you think it shows when so many respected chefs are willing to unite for such a special event?
I think it’s important to many of us (especially as many of us chefs have kids ourselves) to show support to these kids and their families and to raise money for such needed equipment and resources. I’m pretty sure we get just as much of a kick out of it as they do!

Who are you most excited to be working with for the event and why?
Each of the chefs involved this year bring different styles, techniques and experience to the table, so I couldn’t single anyone out! It’s a talented pool to choose from and I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great group. 

This isn’t your first year with Variety of Chefs Ball: how many have you participated in and what does it mean to you to be involved?
I’ve been involved with the Chef’s ball since it started in 2009. It’s important to me to be involved and it’s something I love doing. Hanging out with the kids is very humbling, and having a young family of my own, drives home how lucky truly we are. To be able to give ‘something’ back, no matter how small, is something I’m passionate about.

Kym Machin features in an epic lineup of celebrity chefs for Variety of Chefs Ball at The Hilton, Saturday June 14.  


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