The Scoop: Launch of London Porterhouse Winter Menu, Newstead

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 10 June 2014.

With the launch of their winter menu, London Porterhouse proves itself the ultimate destination for carnivores, so check out the gallery of meaty goodness here.

As temperatures drop, we seek out comfort food for warmth and satisfaction. True comfort can come from heating the blood, and steakhouse and tapas bar London Porterhouse serves up the ultimate winter table thanks to their parilla grill and meat cuts. Share plates within their cozy alfresco dining area overlooking trendy Vernon Terrace keep this unique meat house intimate and genial, where the lifestyle of good food, good Argentinian wine, and even better company is simultaneously the culture and the destination.  

Commence the feasting with MT Zero olives, Persian feta, house-made dips and Turkish fingers. Such a kickoff deserves a bit of a flying start with the ever-faithful espresso martini to really motivate all reserves into gear. 

With appetites nicely whetted and salted, the indulgence begins: stout bad boy fries lovingly cooked up in duck fat, leaving the tongue to limber up with pumpkin and smoked provolone empanadas that leaves a spicy after taste. It’s all the better for the bite to be washed away with the 2012 Tomero Malbec.

Sides of salad with the dressing wonderfully brisk on the tastebuds; and vegetables, shiny with pomade and butter, merely beguile and tempt for the star attraction ahead.

For yes, carnivorous lovers will indulge every meaty whim with the mixed meat grill and lashings of sticky Portuguese style BBQ chicken wingschorizo & scallops in lemon and parsley served alongside crispy pork belly with caramelised apple, red slaw and seeded mustard. This incredible meaty goodness is further enhanced with the presence of chimichurri saucered wine jus and aioli. Add a dosage of beef ribs to this mix, and waddling home is the least of your problems: sliding from the high stools of your table would be an even better start. 

Every sense is pampered here, from the casually superior service to the outstanding dishes and the mellow vibe of this adventitious upmarket steakhouse and tapas bar. Using locally-sourced produce and ingredients, every appetite is catered to from this Newstead eatery with its wonderfully comforting winter menu. But while the dishes are varied and humour every whim, it is the main attraction of their meat cuts where London Porterhouse reminds us there’s every reason why humans are at the top of the food chain.


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