Margarita Heaven… with Sling Lounge

From the archive: This post was published on our original site, MyCityLife back on 24 July 2014

Dustin ‘Sancho’ Davis is the owner-operator of Sling Lounge in West End, home to Margarita Mondays and the Charlie Manson. Inspired by National Tequila Day, Dustin delves into the world of The Margarita where tequila is the beginning, the end and everything in between.

Without a doubt the world’s most loved and consumed cocktail across the globe: The Margarita. A simple yet fiery concoction of tequila, cointreau and zesty (always fresh) lime juice served with a savoury salt rim. 

But why has the margarita become the most popular cocktail in the world? Perhaps it is its romantic history that makes it so appealing, Or the use of tequila. Its base spirit is a spirit shrouded in mystery, and packed full of fun and a wildness not enjoyed by any of the other categories, Or is it simply the fact that when the drink is executed properly, it just tastes so damn good.

So where did such a sublime marriage take place? There is many a tale to be told on who was the first to slide the lovely margarita over the mahogany. By all means research yourself – there are quite a few stories out there. But I think the most romantic tale of them all starts with Danny Negrete who opened a bar at the Garci Crispo Hotel, Puebla, Mexico, with his brother David. The day before David’s wedding, Danny presented the margarita as a wedding present to his new sister-in-law Margarita. The love of a woman and tequila: win

The margarita enjoys a versatility that is paramount. Any of the key ingredients can be changed to create a totally different and exciting drink. You can vary the type of tequila you use, especially with the multitude of quality tequilas available on the market these days, from Blanco to Anjeo, highland, lowland, mescal – the list goes on. Or the tequila can be infused with chilli and other flavours. The citrus or the sweetener can be changed, so can the preparation method where you shake and strain or blend. The combinations are endless. The only thing holding you back is your imagination 

If you enjoy margaritas as much as I do along with the rest of the world, then take the opportunity to visit Sling Lounge every Monday where we pay tribute to the margarita and tequila. With over 40 tantalising concoctions to choose from, plus an outstanding array of tequila for you to enjoy, there is no better place to explore the wonderful depth that tequila and the margarita have.


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