Neil Wills: Top 5 Redlands Bluegrass Festival Playlist

From the archives: This article is from our original site – MyCityLife, posted back on 6 August, 2014.

Bluegrass is, figuratively speaking, the roots music of everything. It takes the music of the northeast areas of the US – the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Alabama to Georgia where infamous books like Peyton Place or those written by Virginia Andrews drew chills from the cold and bleakness of the weather but was offset by the comforting sounds of banjo and genuine folk music. The original settlers in this area bring their traditions of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English, to later incorporate the improvisational music of jazz. Predominantly strings based, Bluegrass was the dance music of the turn of the 1900s, and has prevailed for its jaunty melodies and traditions of genuine down to earth toe-tapping choons. 

As Festival Organiser and mandolin wielder Neil Wills brings the 2014 Redlands Bluegrass Festival to the Kindilan Convention Centre for its 20th year anniversary, he sits down with MyCityLife for the ultimate Top 5 Redlands Bluegrass Festival Playlist.

Davidson Brothers, Wanderlust
Round Mountain Girls, Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet 
The Pigs, Gold Digger 
The Company, Come On Down


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