Lady Lex | 13 March 2014

Same same but different: the events are the same, but the names change (sometimes to protect the not-so-innocent). Everyone has been there and done that and My City Life has come up with all the scenarios that can happen, and how the brand new and shiny Limes Hotel Rooftop & Bar turns those situations whether getting boozy in the jacuzzi to taking your mother out on a Sunday afternoon from #awkies to #artful.


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#1 Don’t Make It Another Teen Movie
Anyone can go to the movies. It’s the #conventional thing to do. Or you can try something decidedly #unconventional (‘cos Limes is totes not conventional) and take your brand new ‘friend’ along to the fabulously reformed roof top Cinema. With tickets cheaper than any other commercial cinema, the bar close by also means the option of adult drinks and tapas to make the movie so much more #funness. For sure, this is your newest hump day hangout  -#humpday very likely to be the operative word here *nudge nudge wink wink  

#2 The Best Place To Take Your Out-Of-Town, Rich (And Possibly Oversexed) Cousin
Limes Hotel Group owner Damien Griffiths has reinvented the Rooftop Bar and Cinema of the boutique Limes Hotel. With two plunge pools, lush green astroturf for that special, special ambiance, and the delectable cocktail menu, this space can go from sunburnt party town of Miami to the sophisticated New York high life at night. Whether the sun is up or not, Limes Rooftop Bar is the perfect place to show off The City to that out-of-state filthy lucre cousin we all have. And if your cousin is in town to meet and mingle with the ladiez, Limes will get his engine revving.

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#3 Get Boozy In The Jacuzzi
Unlike our #Mexican sisters Melbourne or Sydney, The City has a perpetually warm climate with consistent weather - perfect for resort style plunge pools. Surrounded by wood furnishings with a Playboy Mansion #vibe, Limes’ new plunge pools will certainly ring true with Kendricks Lamar’s words of “pour’ing it up”. Show off your #summer body all year around and submerge yourself amongst the The City’s skyline from the Upper Constance precinct.

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The Best Place To Actually Meet People and Get Straight to The Point
Ever ask yourself why you're going out? Is it to blow off steam - or meet new ‘companions’? At Limes, you can totes do both, and not feel the Wrath Of The Titans for being honest and upfront and having a #Tinder attitude.

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#5 The Best Roof To Hookup On A Friday Is Also The Best Roof To Take Your Mother On A Sunday Afternoon.
Knock off drinks have never been so easy. Waltz on up Gene Kelly style to the fabulous Rooftop Bar and #indulge in a series of cocktails to celebrate the weekend and all that it brings with it. But sometimes, the weekend does involve a visit to family. And Sunday arvs with the female #parental can be easily turned into saucy times with Sunday Funday. Limes will host weekly barbeques for an ever so #sophisticated take on the Australian Sunday afternoon while featuring the best in Limes DJs. There’s even brand new #modular furniture designed for you to create your own space, ‘cos we all know how much mothers like to rearrange furniture. #thanksmum



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