Danica Voll | 28 July 2016

Snap Fitness launched their new virtual training concept ‘Australia’s Trusted Workout’ (ATW) with a 2-course dinner at Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen followed by a battle of the fittest at Snap Morningside.

Starting the night, guests wandered into Miss Bliss to find a quaint and sophisticated terrace. Seated at a long table with pastel blue trimmings, we were served a delicious first-course of beetroot, goats cheese stack with candied walnuts, frisee and orange salad before moving onto a wild mushrooms and quinoa risotto with roast chestnuts and sunflower gremolata.

After making our way to Snap Fitness Morningside, we were treated to a delectable selection of desserts from Miss Bliss Treats including their carefully crafted Bliss Balls. It was here we had the pleasure of watching a demonstration of Australia’s Trusted Workout.


This modernisation of the Snap Fitness brand includes the introduction of ATW, MyZone wearable technology, new high-impact equipment and a Crowd DJ music system so that people can queue music from their phone. ATW features a virtual trainer and a variety of workout programs aiming to give members inspiration and encouragement to beat their fitness goals 24/7.

The MyZone technology systems allow members to monitor their performance on surrounding screens when wearing the MyZone belt to track their heart rate progress. With workouts change every week to include a variety of strength, heart rate, weight loss and freestyle exercises and there are workouts designed to suit any skill level. 

The ATW led fitness duel saw a team of former AFL Greats Simon Black, Jamie Charman, Shane Woewodin and Brent Moloney duel off against Insta-famous Yogis Nicole Ward, Leanne Ward, Shontina Rose and Lori McKenzie and a Snap Fitness team including CEO Dan Newton.


Setting off in pairs, an epic battle took place in the newly refurbished Snap Zone as guests enjoyed kale, pear, pineapple + coconut cocktails while watching the athletes duel it out in a challenge of the fittest. Duos and teams alike were pushed to their limits with the goal to see their heart rates steadily rise into the ‘red zone’ of the ATW screens. 

Swapping between strength and cardio exercises, the ATW demonstration saw the Instagram Girls push themselves into first place with the AFL Greats following second.

This new high-tech roll out will hit Snap Fitness clubs nationally over the next 12 months, and is definitely worth checking out!


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