Lucy Anthony | 18 February 2017

New Zealand’s very own Guy Montgomery is set to get Brisbane ‘in a room together’ for some intensive belly exercise with his new stand-up show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. Having performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to winning New Zealand’s acclaimed Billy T Award (2014), Guy is no stranger to pleasing crowds. Best known for his co-hosting role on the podcast ‘The Worst Idea Of All Time’ (with over 6 million downloads), Guy’s humour can be described as being ‘absurd, ridiculous, high energy and intelligent’ (Gather&Hunt).

Leading up to his Brisbane debut, we got the chance to speak with Guy about his upcoming show.

Welcome to Brisbane! What are you most excited about to be performing here?
Well as anyone in New Zealand will be able to tell you I am very excited to see Brisbane's iconic Airport Tower. It really sets the tone for any visit to Brisbane and this iconic piece of architecture is truly one of the great Australasian Airport Towers. Clocking in at an impressive 75M and built in 1985 it is heralded across all of New Zealand as being something to aspire to. It is the main reason I am coming over.

What made you want to be a full-time comedian?
Mostly the idea that I could one day make a living exclusively from being funny. That was never advertised as an option growing up and it wasn't until I hadn't found anything that I was either good at or wanted to do in my early twenties that I thought to give it a go. 

Your show is called ‘Let’s all get in a room together’. What can audiences expect from this?
The title is such because when I submitted it I didn't have a working theme for the show but I knew what I wanted from an audience, namely that I want them to attend. It is a silly show for I am a silly comedian, I have a few personal anecdotes (namely about trying to imagine having sex with a Spice Girl as an eight-year-old) before discussing the bigger issues, like my experience applying for work as a mystery shopper.


Do you feel that there is there a particular audience that would suit your show?
I like to think I am the sort of comedian with far-reaching appeal that anyone can enjoy but past experiences prove that's not true. I am not sure that Pauline Hanson would enjoy my show. I don't mention her specifically but judging by her track record I just feel like it is not for her. So sorry if you are reading this Pauline, but I would look for something else.

How do you find or create content for your shows?
I write anything and everything that I think is funny down and then when I am writing will re-visit these ideas, sort the funny ones from the terrible ones and then take them to the stage. The material is largely a meritocracy with the good stuff sticking around and the not so good stuff going into my ever growing Work-in-progress file. Talking about generating material is a great way (for me at least) of removing the magic of the material appearing funny and off-the-cuff.

Being a kiwi, do you find that there’s a difference between New Zealand and Aussie humour/audiences?
Not a huge amount of differences, generally if I address that I am from New Zealand at the start of my set then that will remove any lingering concerns from an Australian audience that I am not aware of being a New Zealander. Once the air is clear they tend to be similar enough, if you are funny they will laugh and if you are not they will quietly, passive-aggressively let you know about it by folding their arms.

Do you have a preference over doing stand-up shows or podcasts?
Stand up is and always has been the thing I like doing best. Podcasting is fun because it is very free and loose but in stand up you don't have the security blanket of another person/pretending you weren't meant to be funny. It is the ultimate challenge which makes succeeding at it the ultimate reward.

What advice would you give to aspiring comedians?
The sooner you start the sooner you can get good. It took me ages to start because I didn't want to suck but (nearly) everyone has to suck for a while at the beginning to get good. Putting it off gets nothing done.

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