Katey Bulner | 28 September 2017

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It’s time to send out a family MEMO and get your roast on. Bring the children, the aunts and the teens - Victoria Park has just opened its own Rotisserie Kitchen, and it’s a family treat! Acting as your voice of rationality, we’ve narrowed down the top 6 reasons why you should be excited for Victoria Park’s Kitchen Rotisserie.


The grass is always greener at Victoria Park! Situated just two kilometres from Brisbane city, Victoria Park is the inner city sanctuary and popular destination for golf, wedding, events and bistro facilities. With the new addition of their Rotisserie Kitchen, you can have all the fun in one simple but luxurious local spot! 

Knock on next door and you’ll find yourself at the Victoria Park wood-fired Pizza Kitchen which serves traditional Pizzeria seven days a week. With renowned Pizzaiolo’s from Italy spinning the dough, the Pizza Kitchen offers flavoursome pizzas topped with local, seasonal produce. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly options are also available.


The precinct is set to be Brisbane’s go-to destination for delicious family-style meals as well as outdoor family experiences. Open for children of all ages, there will be plenty to do with a children’s playground, weekend market carts, and the entertaining golf and putt putt facilities.

Award Winning Executive Chef, Jason Peppler, has revealed a mouth-watering menu pairing slow cooked roast meats with sides of roast potato and seasonal salads. Order a chilled champagne, wine and beer too, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing and enjoyable rotisserie afternoon! 


Created with the skills of professional chefs but made with the love of a home cooked meal, the Rotisserie Kitchen features a family style roast chicken and mouth-watering porchetta, available five days a week. Whilst aspiring to offer the best roast dining experience in Brisbane, Victoria Park is also there to provide an honest and relatable meal that makes you feel right at home.

Is it even a roast without a Rotisol? Victoria Park’s chosen rotisserie oven was crafted in Chelles France by Rotisol, arguably the world’s most popular traditional rotisserie brand popularised by Gordon Ramsay. Perfecting the art of the European cooking style, Victoria Park’s Rotisol Rotisserie oven provides customers with delicious and juicy healthy roast meats cooked to perfection every time. 


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