Vivienne Cowburn | 28 September 2018

Allpress Espresso is a speciality coffee brand that supplies artisanal coffee blends to over 1000 independent cafes around the world. After almost 30 years of distributing quality coffee blends, Allpress Espresso recently decided to modernise the company: revitalising package designs, introducing new blends and revitalising their most iconic coffee blends. To celebrate the change, an interactive coffee tasting experience was held at the Allpress Espresso cafe in Woolloongabba.

The revitalised blends on offer included the Browns Mill Organic (a mellow blend with faint notes of citrus and apricot), the Allpress Espresso Blend (the signature blend: balanced and smooth), A.R.T. Espresso Roast (inspired by traditional Italian coffees, with dark chocolate, toffee and plum notes), the Good Brew (a light to medium roast that is both fruity and floral), the Haus Decaf Blend (a sophisticated blend that is bold and invigorating), and Our Coffee Galaxy (a combination of coffee origins that changes seasonally, allowing consumers to try coffee from origins around the world). All blends are a beautiful collection of complex flavours that are designed to be savoured. 

Staff picks include the Haus Decaf Blend (“it tastes exactly like a caffeinated coffee… rich and bold with a strong coffee taste. We’re very proud of this blend.”) and the A.R.T. Espresso Roast (inspired by traditional Italian coffee, ideal for black coffee drinkers).

At the tasting, Allpress Espresso also provided live presentations of different coffee brewing techniques to demonstrate how different brewing methods accentuate certain flavours and notes in the coffee. An featured array of brewing accessories (e.g. filters, plungers and the Aeropress) serve to elevate one’s cup of coffee from a basic morning necessity to a ritual. To the staff at Allpress Espresso, drinking coffee shouldn’t be a frenzied activity.

All of the blends on offer are designed to complement espresso coffees (but they’re also excellent in a latte or a cold pressed coffee) with flavour and origin combinations that will appeal to all coffee drinkers. Their blends are consistent in flavour and quality, meaning that a latte purchased in Berlin will taste the same as a latte from Paris. Allpress Espresso exclusively roasts their beans with a Hot Air roasting technique to ensure a perfectly smooth taste and lasting flavour. Consistency is essential.

To Allpress Espresso, all of the elements that go into making coffee must be perfect. Everything that could affect the taste of the beans is taken into account: the farming, shipping, roasting and grinding process, storage temperature. The company is obsessed with perfecting blends to create the ideal combination of flavours.

The people drawn to Allpress Espresso reflect the eclectic collection of people united by their love (and sometimes dependency) for the magic bean. In the midst of the tasting were people with laptops, seasoned coffee drinkers with refined taste buds, friends meeting for brunch, caffeine fiends and people who still asked for an ‘expresso.’

As they continue to expand their role in the international coffee scene, Allpress Espresso hopes to change the role of coffee in human connections and to elevate the way people engage with coffee.

About the author


Vivienne Cowburn is an eclectic writer and coffee snob. For more of her musings on Brisbane's food and coffee scene, check out her blog 'Pear and Ivy' or follow her on Instagram @pearandivy.


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