MyCityLife | 01 May 2019

Although peak truffle season is still a few months away, truffle is no stranger to many Brisbane restaurants catering for the truffle connoisseur all-year-round! From modern Australian dishes to Italian favourites, here’s our pick of the top restaurants to devour the delicate taste of truffle this autumn!

Lily Restaurant, Eight Mile Plains

With the launch of their new autumn menu, highly recommended Lily Restaurant has wowed the crowd with a combination of delectable dishes – from entrée to dessert! The best part? Truffle, of course. Lily have carefully curated a dish to certainly remember. Think warm gnocchi with Swiss and king brown mushroom, peas, beurre noisette, gremolata, smoked buffalo mozzarella and (drum roll please) truffled pecorino. The blend of seasonal flavours with the perfect addition of truffled pecorino makes this dish an absolute standout in our eyes.

Beccofino, Teneriffe

We all know Beccofino produces some impressive dishes, including the duck ragu, and their Tartufo pizza. Cooked on a white base, this Italian delight features mozzarella, smoked bacon, portobello mushrooms, stracchino and truffle paste. The spoons of truffle paste scattered across the pizza gives you a truffle infused hit every second bite. A true bellissimo moment!

Montrachet, Bowen Hills

Montrachet needs no introduction as it is a class above for French wining and dining. The perfect selection of classic and modern French dishes will take you straight to the South of France. Montrachet’s menu features Noel Cooke’s pan-roasted lamb rack from Pagarah, King Island, yuzu mustard and turnip blanquette with truffle and potato gnocchi and pan juices. Top it off with house-made truffle and honey butter on a fresh baguette to have your truffle cravings sorted!

Project 41, Bowen Hills

If you’re looking for an old school classic with a twist, Project 41 is your next stop. For some, this truffle dish may be a foreign combination, for others, a true winner. Project 41 pride themselves on their jaffles, and we don’t blame them! Especially when truffle is involved. Best consumed on an empty stomach, the macaroni and truffled cheese sauce jaffle is seriously mighty and magnificent.


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