Hanan Dervisevic | 31 May 2020

Remember those days when we had to self-pack our own shopping bags at Coles and Woolies?

Well, those days have come to an end as from the 1st of June, the big supermarket giants team members will be offering to pack customers bags again.

Coles CEO, Steven Cain, expects this will help make life a little easier and less stressful for customers and the Coles team.

If you think that’s great news, well here’s some more! 

Both supermarket giants are also offering customers the opportunity to replace an old, unclean or damaged bag, for a new one for free. Though you’re able to ask for a replacement on your own terms, team members from both supermarkets will have the authority to swap your bag if it is deemed unhygienic. 

This strategic measure is intended to encourage hygiene and well-being standards during COVID-19. Coles will be providing ‘Better Bags’ for two weeks; it is unknown how long Woolies will implement this strategy for.

Steven Cain explains, “We are grateful for the way customers have adapted to some big changes in our stores including packing their own bags. We hope that our team offering to pack them again makes life a little easier and that a replacement Coles ‘Better Bag’ will provide some peace of mind at a time when good hygiene practices and social distancing are as important as ever.”

However, if you’ve enjoyed the freedom of packing your own bags you’re still welcome to do so! 

Although some restrictions are easing, Coles and Woolies would like to remind team members and customers to abide by the 1.5m social distancing measures whilst in store, and to remember to sanitise your hands when needed. 

About the author

Hanan Dervisevic is an aspiring journalist and travel lover. With a passion for writing, Hanan loves to transform informative content in a creative and interesting way. You can read some of her travel and lifestyle tips on her blog, ‘Blog With Me - A Travel & Lifestyle Blog For All Your Needs.’ 


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