The Scoop: Restaurant Two’s 15th Birthday Dinner

From the archive: This article is from our original site, MyCityLife, posted on 25 July 2014

The Brisbane dining scene has always dished up fierce competition, and the true culinary champions are distinguished by their ability to keep up with the latest trends and techniques while consistently delivering quality food and fine service. One of Brisbane’s favourite culinary champions is David Pugh, proud Papa of dazzling venue Restaurant Two. This city establishment has victoriously survived 15 years in the restaurant business; an exceptional achievement and an excellent reason to host a phenomenal feast and blow out the birthday candles with treasured guests.

Stepping through the glass doors, guests were greeted with bubbles, beer and fish-bowl sized Gin and Tonic; the venue alit with candles, draped with sexy artwork and oozing with wow factor. The canapés circling the flock were introduced by the circa that each had, once upon a time, starred on the menu. Seared scallops with lemon and fennel risotto ignited immense excitement for what was yet to come, and after tasting the Peking duck with chilli jam and pork belly with caramelised garlic, every palate was pining for more. A shot of duck consume with a kick of ginger warmed up the night for speeches.

With a nostalgic feeling in the air, Events and Business Manager Jessica Pugh, delighted the room with stories of her experience with the restaurant and working alongside her father over the years. Jessica accurately described Restaurant Two similarly to Chanel: classic, modern and always interesting. David Pugh followed, sharing his own memories while speaking about the menu of the night and reflecting on different food and modern cooking techniques. 

For entrée, a lightly battered soft shell crab from Pinkenba atop preserved lime mayonnaise was accompanied by tomato and crushed avocado, the flavours bursting with vibrancy and punch.

An imposing temple of tantric tastes arrived in the form of a hearty Darling Downs beef fillet, topped with a mushroom hat resting on a slab of bubble and squeak. This heart- warming dish had sensational flavours accentuated by the onion jam and bacon chunks hiding within the bubble and squeak. 

Cheese addicts fell in love with a creamy, decadent whipped Blackall brie.

The impressive array of petit fours – as the canapés – had once upon a time starred on the menu for dessert. It was the dessert that kept on giving.

Following the petit fours was a signature vanilla bean crème brulee with a glistening caramelised surface and side of seasonal berries.

Not only was this evening about celebrating the restaurant’s birthday; this special night was a part of the Good Food Month Hats Off Dinners, giving Hatted chefs from around Brisbane the opportunity to indulge in a few culinary fantasies and showcase their creativity. Even though traditionally Restaurant Two has been host to many special events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations and much more, experiencing Restaurant Two in itself is a special occasion and one that you experience with special people in your city life.

Photo Credit: Lady Lex 


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