Skincare Products That Will Supercharge Your Beauty Sleep

When your head hits the pillow, you want your skincare routine to go to work. We’ve found the best products to help you drift off and get your best glow, zero effort required.

beauty sleep

Ahh beauty sleep, the time when your skin rejuvenates itself while you nod off to dreamland. But it can’t just reach it’s full glowing potential itself; it needs a little nudge from you. And because I am nothing if not a teensy bit lazy, I decided I should track down the beauty products that do their best work while you’re doing next to no work at all (except resetting your body clock while luxuriating fluffy pillows and silky soft sheets).

To help you drift off: 

Frank Body Dream Team Kit
A whole kit devoted to making your dreams sweet and your body calm (and super smooth and exfoliated). Frank Body is all about soothing your stresses with these calming products. In Your Dreams is a two-in-one bath soak and body scrub, the ultimate in lazy girl beauty. It’s Frank’s first bath product and it delivers. Featuring magnesium, epsom salts, lavender oil, and chamomile, this lush scrub made me feel gorgeously relaxed (I might have almost drifted off to the land of nod in my bath). Then there’s the Anti-Drama Face Mask, which calms down stressed out skin. Redness? Gone. Impurities? Gone. Drama? BUH-BYE. Then you can slink into bed with their silky eye mask and shut out any still lingering bad vibes. This kit is truly dreamy and a must-buy for relaxation.

Lush Sleepy Lotion
You want the feeling of slathering your body in softness with a scent designed to calm your anxious mind? Then the Lush Sleepy Lotion is for you. I was a massive sceptic; honestly, I can rarely turn off my brain noise but one deep inhale exhale while wearing this lotion helped me turn down the volume. Not to mention the fact that it left my skin feeling plump and refreshed the next day.

To supercharge your beauty sleep: 

Too Faced Hangover Pillow range (available at Mecca Maxima)
After you’ve bathed, exfoliated and luxuriated, it’s time to take care of your face. The new additions to Too Faced’s ever-popular hangover range are the Pillow products, designed to work hard while you’re catching zzzs. This moisturiser features ingredients such as hyaluronic
acid to lock moisture into the skin. Then it has coconut water, sea kelp, mango seed butter, avocado and vitamin B to help repair the skin’s moisture barrier. It also has a sprinkling of “stardust” (aka meteorite powder)… seriously, it looks like glittery magic. As with the other products, the scent is designed to send you off to dreamland.

Next I like to use a lip balm so I went for the Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm infused with fruit oils, conditioning butters and hyaluronic acid. The balm glides on smoothly like a lotion and features a super pleasant minty/cooling feeling alongside its coconut scent. There’s a slight shimmer which feels a little magical and definitely luxe. In the morning my lips feel plumped, soft and definitely like they’ve had their beauty sleep.

When you wake up:

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5%
To really cap off that night time routine, you gotta keep that momentum going in the morning. You need something that’s gonna wake your skin up, and what’s better at doing the waking up thing than caffeine? Did you know you could put that on your skin? Because to totally can and it totally works! The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution 5% is a light-textured serum designed to brighten and depuff your eyes. A little goes a long way with this serum, and the cooling effect is really soothing. Even the most tired of eyes can be perked up with this handy serum.

So there you have it; these are the products that can help supercharge your beauty sleep and help you (and your skin) wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And like you know what sleep actually is.


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