The Story Bridge Hotel: The Sequel

The latest Kangaroo Point adventure featuring the iconic Story Bridge Hotel

This story was originally published on our previous website -MyCityLife, way back on the 12th March 2014

The latest Kangaroo Point adventure featuring the iconic Story Bridge Hotel, infamous for their Brisbane river views, annual cockroach races and festival of beers, is about to add another two leaves to their already impressive history book. As one of the few remaining family-run hotels in Queensland, she has undergone extensive revision. But like all fine tales, Story Bridge Hotel’s memoirs become more epic as time goes by.  

Manager and restaurateur Richard Deery will relaunch signature restaurant Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse. The restaurant’s traditions remain, with an added modern twist to give the place a bit of a refresher. Using natural light and open ceilings, the space will welcome you back with a crisp, new style. Executive Chef Jason Walker has given the menu a redraft, with Head Chef Adam Clements offering diners seasonal culinary inspirations alongside the famous Deery’s steak menu; all which can be perfectly paired with over 400 wines from their list.

Turning over a brand new and shiny page in the SBH history book comes Main Street Bar & Eatery. The relaxed new deli-style canteen – just like her big sister – sprouts wooden benches and nostalgic signage though with a more laidback description. This meandering parable is tapas styled; perfect for sharing and group sessions, featuring small plates from South Australian olives drenched in herbs with extra virgin olive oil, to an impressive tasting board best enjoyed with craft beers, Moscato on tap and/or homemade soft drinks. A skip in the park or a boat ride in the river is the gentle journey of this amiable narrative.

Seek the spaces between the words of this sequel, as Story Bridge Hotel relaunches edition two of its legendary chronicle. For like all great stories of wonder and intrigue, The Story Bridge Saga continues.


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