Tan By Lucy Lane Launches at Fabrik Hair

Local brainchild of femme-trepeneur Helene Sheehan, Tan By Lucy Lane was launched at Fabrik Hair.

This article was published on our original site – My City Life, back on the 20th March 2014

Prodigious local product Tan By Lucy Lane was launched from Fabrik Hair: eco certified DHA, organic, fast and natural (no oompah-loompahs here thanks!), this tan is the local brainchild of femme-trepeneur Helene Sheehan who already stocks more than 70 salons around Australia with this fan-TAN-stic product. Truly, there’s nothing like this tan around; it’s not even worthwhile calling it Fake Tan since it’s more so A Natural Tan In A Bottle

Click here to see some pics from the launch


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