The Global Movement launches in Brisbane on World Mental Health Day

Moving 800,000km in just 7 days, each km dedicated to the lives lost to suicide last year

800,000. It’s a mighty big number wouldn’t you agree?

$800,000 is about the average house price in Melbourne. 

800,000km is roughly the distance to the Moon and back.

And in a week your heart will beat roughly 800,000 times. 

Unfortunately, 800,000 is also the number of hearts that lost their battle with suicide around the world last year– and this is a mighty tragic number wouldn’t you agree?

The Human Connection Project (HCP) was founded to highlight the importance of human connection in fighting the epidemic levels of mental illness and loneliness that are contributing to these heartbreakingly high numbers of suicides. The path they’re forging hopes to connect the global community and empower people to engage, create and lead through human connection.

HCP was founded by local Brisbane boy – Matt Boyce who lived through his own struggles with mental illness after the loss of his best friend. He was able to use his experiences to drive the development of HCP, a not-for-profit social enterprise working to become Australia’s largest proactive mental health and human connection lead organisation.

At the end of the day, our relationships are all that matters. I want to make sure everyone realises that.” – Matt Boyce, HCP Founder & CEO. 

HCP delivers many amazing initiatives, including an online course in how to build better human connections, but with the world still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated isolation and stress it has put on our mental wellbeing, they’ve built a new initiative – The Global Movement – to kick start a global community that brings together and builds connections with people around the world. A community where people can be open about their struggles, support each other and find the connection we all need to thrive. 

The Global Movement event will bring participants together from around the world, to walk, run, roll or swim with a mate in a combined effort to accumulate 800,000km of movement– one kilometre for every life lost to suicide last year around the world. The event will run over 7 days, with the action commencing on World Mental Health Day – Sunday, 10 October, and concluding with a major event in Brisbane on Saturday, 17 October. The closing event will include several Walk & Talk sessions to help registered participants clock up the kilometres and connect with each other, as well as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness sessions. 

Registrations are now opened to participate. The small fee associated will give you access to the new app developed for the event, which you can use to track wellness, distance and fundraising achievements as well as to access more exclusive content. You will also be helping Human Connection Project to continue their great work within the community promoting the learning and advocacy of proactive mental health solutions. 

800,000km is a mighty long distance. But 800,000 deaths is too big a number. With your help we can reach our goal, and together we can build a community to bring this number down in the future.   

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