Do you want to be in a music video?

From the archives: This post was originally published on 26 April 2020.

The new single ‘Heavy Weather’ by The Rubens has just been released, delivering with it a soul-stirring edict about taming the inner critical voice, and championing yourself in formidable times – a timely reminder in the face of our current global context . Furthering the exciting news of the recent release, The Rubens are also calling on their wider audience, giving fans the chance to appear in the music video for ‘Heavy Weather’.

The Rubens plan on accessing the collective talent of their already global following by crowdsourcing submissions for the new track’s music video: the original concept as developed by the band was cancelled for filming due to COVID-19 restrictions, but will now be reinvented as an open invitation for fans to participate and create from isolation.

“Given the set back with our tour, we wanted to acknowledge our fans somehow. We thought the best way to do that was to invite them to be in a clip. So we’re asking fans around the world to send in videos of them doing anything they’re doing right now and our good mate Russ is going to do his creative thing and make a boss video with all these videos!”

It’s easy to get involved:

Just grab your phone and make a video of your isolation experience.

Make sure to upload before Thursday May 7, and to approve the terms and conditions found at 

Post the video to your socials with the hashtag #heavyweathervideo, then wait to see your contribution included in the official video once released.


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