The Scoop: Au Cirque At Night

On Brunswick Street lies Au Cirque. This café serves as a divine time machine that transports you from Brisbane’s busy streets to a quaint pit stop on the Place De La Concorde.

This article was first published on our original site MyCityLife way back on the 20th Feb 2014. It seems as though the Au Cirque cafe has since closed down. If you have any information about this venue and want to help us to update our info – get in touch at [email protected]

Brisbane’s café culture has exploded over the last few years especially, and much of it would be due to the wonderful cosmopolitan ambiance The City has acquired. Brisbane assuredly stands out as being rather #awesomes though right from the beginning, it was New Farm who stood out as different and cutting-edge. With its Dinky, Sinky happy happy joy joy inhabitants, New Farm labours as The City’s Paris. At the turn of the century, we once looked to New Farm to direct Brisbane culture, commerce and lifestyle. And under our watchful eyes, from James Street to Merthyr Road around to Brunswick, Lamington and Sydney Streets, New Farm has boomed, birthing wondrous bistros, tearooms, luncheonettes and hash houses. 

And on Brunswick Street lies Au Cirque. This café serves as a divine time machine that transports you from Brisbane’s busy streets to a quaint pit stop on the Place De La Concorde. The warm two-story café replete with polished wooden floors and casual décor is perfect for intermittent gatherings or a small congress with the #BBF. Nothing says “catch up” better than a glass of bubbly and a pint size lamb burger with juices that warm the heart. 

Renowned for their all day breakfast menu, a new dinner card for Thursday and Friday evenings is another thing to add to the list of #wonderfulness Au Cirque can present. 

Sink your teeth into crunchy herb balls and feel them slide down your throat, the crusty exterior moistening delightfully on their journey.

Or swallow down scallops that are juicy; holding all the delights of the oceans and plump with promise for the tastebuds.

Gorge on burgers that are beefy with flavour and buxom with taste.

Or jump on the dark side of the indulgent side of life and relish Au Cirque’s signature ribs. 

For owners Giselle and Christophe Massieu, it is the Parisienne experience they serve up as soon as you step through the doors and prepare to enjoy your dish. This is a real French affair, with French ambience and genuine French cuisine. Long may we indulge in the Francophile: Bon Appetite!


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