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This article was first published on our original site MyCityLife way back on the 28th Jan 2014. It seems as though the Esquire Restaurant has since permanently closed down. If you have any information about this restaurant and want to help us to update our info – get in touch at [email protected]

He is the most elegant gentleman on Eagle Street; exuding two sides to him that will indulge your every mood. He comes highly commended and dons a three star hat. He will court you with phenomenal fare and challenge every one of your senses. Enjoy a casual affair with his Esq side, seated around a charcoal fire pit with an ever changing menu full of artistic flare at an affordable price or be charmed into an elegant degustation that will leave you weak at the knees fulfilling every desire… why wouldn’t you want to dine with this fetching Esquire?

Esquire strives to keep the menu interesting by changing it up frequently, dazzling guests with the intricate execution of every dish. Nestled in the prime location along the Riverside, his best kept secret is a table at the rear overlooking the Story Bridge – perfect for an intimate occasion on a balmy night.

A creatively presented Sashimi silver trevally is a great way to start off an edible affair or even a trio of pacific oysters dressed with ketchup and horseradish. Carnivores will relish the raw wagyu complete with a ravishing combination of ginger, shallot and wasabi flavours.

Esq has many kinds of animals on offer cooked in various ways guaranteed to arouse intense delight. From the charcoal section, you can’t go past the Waygyu rump cap with perilla and horseradish, this tender portion of meat will melt in your mouth and leave you craving more. For those who don’t have affection for succulent pork ribs or slices of juicy lamb belly, there are plenty of seafood options, such as ocean trout and murray cod, married with herb and citrus flavours to inspire your appetite.

The portions are not of a greedy nature, allowing you the opportunity to try as many options as you desire. The sides of green beans and sweet sesame or braised mushrooms in ginger are delicious contenders, however, the salt baked sweet potato with almond milk and fried pine nuts will sway your attention.

Attractive and intelligent are two of the best qualities of Brisbane’s Esquire emanating through his sweet side. Take the savoury- flavoured palate cleanser for instance – a genius transition into dessert – carrot, beetroot and goat’s milk popsicles are a fun way to swing into the sweet side.

Esquire’s signature dessert, Campari, curds and whey, has held celebrity status around town thanks to its exceptional flavour that is so refreshing, bittersweet and surprising to taste. Liquid nitrogen lovers brace yourselves for the Popcorn Parfait, the ultimate scientedible experience that’s super fun and super tasty – the superhero of your eating adventure.

If it’s more that you desire you can take home a piece of Esquire in the form of a signature chocolate bar that makes for a tasty companion on the way home.

Photo Credit: Brisbane Belly Blogger


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