The Scoop: Little Pawpaw Launches

The Venzin Group, masterminds behind beloved Brisbane eateries as Pawpaw Café, Picnic, Green Papaya and Mons Ban Sabai welcomed their newest member into the family with the official launch of Little Pawpaw.

From the archive: This post was published on our original site, MyCityLife back on 27 May 2014

The Venzin Group, masterminds behind beloved Brisbane eateries Pawpaw Café, Picnic Cafe, Green Papaya Balinese & Thai Restaurant and Mons Ban Sabai welcomed their newest member into the family with the official launch of Little Pawpaw. The little sister of southside’s favourite eating spots has skipped past Brisbane lines, impressing Northsiders and walking its way to the popular heights of its brunching sisters. 

Guests were greeted by sweet sounds of live music and offered even sweeter delicate desserts. Heavenly bite-size sweets put the mouth into salivation mode. Plates full of decadent desserts layered the table where guests were tempted with sweet treats like mini jelly doughnuts, mini cheesecakes, meringues and popcorn topped maple and peanut butter fudge. Truly, it was a beautiful buffet of delicious desserts that were also vegan friendly. Great on the tastebuds, and wonderful for the body, surely this was the perfect excuse to eat more than you should? Logic says that vegan sweets are good for you, right? 

The sweet sojourn did not end there. The launch at Little Pawpaw was like a trip down memory lane, a flashback to your childhood and the epitome of #throwbackthursday with its quirky fit-out and fun ambience.

With coconut waters, beer, cider and jam jar mimosas to quench the thirst, the clear candidate that stood out from the rest was The Spider. Thankfully, not the creepy, crawly kind; but the delicious, bubbling foam-toped fizzy and fun kind; the beverage of choice for the inner-child in us all. This good-time drink could take you back to your youth with a single sip.

The walk down memory lane continued when the wonderful staff at Little Pawpaw surprised guests with plates of marshmallow kebabs. From the wood fire crackling away outside at the front of the café, pink and white pillows of sugary perfection were roasted.

Grown adults, decades past their gap-toothed and pig-tailed childhoods rushed for the best spots around the fire, toasting marshmallows to gooey perfection and tempting many for s’more. Dad jokes aside, this was a nice touch to the launch, creating a warming and heartfelt memorable eating experience.

For the savoury lovers, sample trays of the breakfast menu were showcased to palatable perfection. Mini zucchini and corn fritters, wagyu sliders, truffle mushrooms topped with goats cheese, smashed avocado and feta mini toasts and The New York bagel – bacon, halloumi and rocket delight – a new addition to the menu was the crowd favourite. 

The launch was a scrumptious success, not only welcoming Little Pawpaw into the Venzin Group’s family of restaurants but greeting guests as part of this new family too. The warm atmosphere created by the harmonious combination of a good fire, good food, good company and great entertainment made for one very special evening of tastes, visual and aural delights.

Photo Credit: Quinny Nguyen


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