The Scoop: Mal Wood at The Bowery

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 6 June 2014.

“A corpse reviver n2, please”. 

Plymouth Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, absinthe and lemon juice all mixed up in a delicious cocktail for your thirsty throat and amazing live music for your ears. Yes, you are at The Bowery, one of the best cocktail bars in the city. If you love good music and good cocktails, this is the place to be.

But in the week of Brisbane International Jazz Festival week, the award winning best bar in Australia is even more worthy to step in – when Australia’s leading but most understated Jazz artists comes onboard, it’s something special: Mal Wood. With the best players in town and the most interesting guests, Mal has an award winning performance. It’s like the chatty man of music. Go that. 

Dynamic. Captivating. Expressive. Absolutely cool. Mal and his friends bought a swinging show to the Brisbane International Jazz Festival on its opening night. With Brisbane’s premier festival of Jazz and Improvised Music featuring an exciting array of world class performances, we can welcome multi award winning, international and Australian artists from Finland’s Jukka Perko – Avara Trio to UK Saxophonist Julien Arguelles and The State’s pianists Barney McCall to our own Mike Nock or the Julien Wilson Quartet and so many more.

The opening day itself was a perfect sample of what Brisbane International Jazz Festival offers. While the opening concert at the Queensland Multicultural Centre with award winning Queensland jazz composers Rafael Karlen, Andrew Butt, Louise Denson and Sean Foran presenting World Premieres – commissioned by Jazz Queensland –  Mal Wood’s concert at The Bowery was a “must not miss” appointment.

So let us travel to The Bowery on a Tuesday night. As soon as the band starts to play, you literally get lost in Mal’s smooth vocals and lyrical trumpet. With beautiful music in the style of Miles Davies, Satchmo and Chet Baker, you feel like you have been carried away to a legendary NY jazz club of the swinging 50s.

The great thing about Jazz is that it is everlasting. Everyone can enjoy it, no matter their age. And this is exactly what happens with Mal’s music: next to young folks dancing in front of the band, a sweet older couple smiling at each other, and, with a glass of red wine, you too can enjoy Mal’s fine and vibrant melodies. The opening day was definitely a great sample of what the Festival offered. With such beautiful music, you felt carried away to the legendary jazz clubs of New York, and right back to the swinging 50s. What is so great about Jazz is that it’s abiding: everyone can enjoy it. And this is exactly what happens with Mal’s music.

As Frank Zappa says: “Jazz is not dead”. And this week Brisbane is keeping it alive and kicking more than ever. Open your heart and your ears to the coolest events in town. Brisbane International Jazz Festival. May you last forever.


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