The Scoop: OuterSpace Espresso Breakfast

The great outdoors in the Sunshine State allows for relaxed garden parties all year long. And from Brooks Street, OuterSpace Espresso means a very easy-going picnic affair to start early in the morning and flow gently into the afternoon. As a coffee wellspring, a breakfast or lunch spot to come and grab, or stay and enjoy, OuterSpace offers a variety of adventures.

Greeted by their quirky A Frame uttering daily changing messages of mirth, leads into a simple wooded enclosed patio and the humble kitchen, where the fare emerging from this simple kitchenette is really to be believed.

And from the wooded patio, the rare and unique jewel is the luxurious garden setting; all the more enhanced by a succulent bottle tree, and stunningly sprouting from the plot of the 1877 built FDG Stanley-designed Holy Trinity Church – home to InnerSpace Furniture Store. The heritage-listed vicarage across the road further enhances the sense of the quaint and the romantic. 

The Toby Estate Coffee is a familiar wake up call for coffee lovers, while choices of juices, freshly made to order allay any health guilts. The menu is honest and simple, but the flavour captured on the plate is quite the foodie delight. With meals served atop the breadboard, from the sweetbreads to breakfast and lunch, that fanciful atmosphere Outerspace so successfully cultivates is augmented. The sweetness and cinnamon of the pastry wash down wonderfully with a soy latte, initiating the watering of tastebuds.

Haloumi, bacon, and spinach leaves atop Turkish bread, served with a wedge of lemon immediately comforts the stomach: haloumi and bacon are meant for each other; even more so – if one dare say – than bacon and egg. With the dark pink bacon glistening atop the golden, warmed Greek cheese, there’s every reason to immediately tuck in. 

But the possibility for menu envy is strong when an ever reverential bacon and egg burger promises delights of yolkp0rn. Watching as the egg yolk gently breaks, manifests into overwhelming and impatient anticipation.

The dishes, while simple, are generous in portions, the especial beauties being premium ingredients cooked to perfection, then neatly plated to complement each other, visually and delectably. Letting ingredients speak for their flavoursome selves through elementary cookery, is all the tastebuds ever requires. Set against such plush surroundings, this is a genuine old-world experience; one all the most refreshing given the location from the urban heart of The Valley. The simplicity of the menu and the kitchen, is the true setting for the dishes’ flavours, allowing the jewels of the setting and service to really shine. This is an ambient experience, transforming the simple urban café of OuterSpace Espresso into a lush reality.


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