The Top 5 Chester Street Bakery & Bar Experiences

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 12 September 2014

As the estranged cousin of Limes Group thanks to its rather outlawed position from the Alfred and Constance block housing Alfred & Constance, Limes Hotel, Alfredos Pizzeria and Kwan Brothers, Chester Street Bakery & Bar has run with the idea of being a bakery by day, and from 10am, diluting it with cocktails, wine and beer. But the late night dessert dining scene really came into its own as Chester Street Bakery & Bar opened the ranks for newbies like Cowch, Nitrogenie, and Chocolate Pavillion coming to South Bank and Montague Crepe & Cocktail Bar in The Valley joining in on the late night sugary fun.

Certainly Freestyle Tout has been Brisbane’s premium dessert bar, holding down the fort for dessert hungry diners across the years from its perch at Emporium. Yet, while Chester Street is very much about anything dough-like, pastries, tarts, slices, ice-cream, cakes and breads, the emphasis on mixology and top shelf spirits adds an extra dimension to this unique bakery and dessert operation.

Chester Street doesn’t pretend to be fine dining – nor does it want to be. It’s a nook to enjoy great cocktails with consistent food service in an idyllic deck setting that also holds an element of peace and quiet. It brings life to a somber part of The Valley – even if James Street is a stones throw away. Usually popular with professional services and household shopping showrooms, Chester Street extends the culinary action of The Valley to Newstead.  

And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the 12 months since rolling up its doors to unveil the signature blue tiles of their wood fire oven, Chester Street has a very special trait: it’s simultaneously naughty and nice; that timeworn struggle between The Angel and The Devil on each shoulder whispering what paths should could be explored. As we collectively blow out the candle on their first birthday cake, MyCityLife sits down and maps out the Top 5 Chester Street Kitchen Experiences – according to The Angel and The Devil on our shoulder. Because someone had to do it – and do it well. Or bad. Or both.


There really is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread when you first walk into a bakery. 

Sip at a coconut frappe and grab an organic sour dough on the go. 

Order a box of cream-filled donuts, munch at coconut pink slices and Jocelyn Hancock’s signature decadent biscuits; wash down with an Elderflower Fizz where the gin, Elderflower liqueur, fresh green grapes, jasmine and lemon will cut through anything creamy and powdery.


With a bakery and a kitchen, breaking the fast is all taken care of, be it for working breakfasts or boozy brunches.

Go the poached eggs, torn herbs, cracked pepper and toast with a side of wood roasted salmon served in chunks – not slices – for true full flavour. Really, it’s an eggs benny with salmon, minus the hollandaise. Drink with Chester Street’s freshly-made signature green juice of green apple, celery, cucumber, kale and mint for a wholesome start to the day. 

Spike the juice and add a slog of vodka. Hungover from the night before and in for the long haul? Go a jug of Chester St Bloody Mary with vodka, tomato juice, house spice mix and lemon juice. Feeling extra impudent? Add a side of bacon to your eggs, wipe of anything not bacon related, and dunk it in the Bloody Mary. Because bacon makes everything better.
Reminder: You’re hungover. You’re after the effect, not in keeping with Little Miss Manner’s Book of Decorum.


Whether spent from shopping for bathroom fixtures, or just needing to fill those hunger pangs, Chester Street has plenty of snacks to lift those energy levels.

Enjoy Chester Street’s signature Rainbow cake with a banana, cinnamon, organic yoghurt and honey smoothie. 

Substitute the smoothie for an Orchard Bellini, with apricot liqueur, peach puree, topped with sparkling white to cut through the sweet dough.


Dinner is straight up and simple, with calamari, duck fat chips, salads and pizza on the menu. 

Enjoy a salad with wood fired classic margarita pizza – and go gluten-free on the base. 

Match to a classic mojito of white rum, fresh mint, lime and sugar, charged with soda. 


No matter how you look at it, dessert is always going to be appealing to the Little Miss/Mr Naughty in us all. 

Snickers Cheese Cake of peanut butter cheesecake, snickers and chocolate cookie crumble with a green tea.

Toss aside the green tea and add a signature espresso martini. Or two. Or four. And don’t expect to sleep any time soon. *nudge nudge, wink wink.


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