Undress Runway Brisbane

This post was posted on our original site – My City Life, way back on 5th Feb 2014

The words ‘sustainable fashion’ seem a contradiction in itself, but in today’s world where we return to our roots, sustainable fashion is about being friendly to our environment, responsible with our resources, while remaining creative in our wardrobe choices. And Undress Runways promotes a viable fashion lifestyle.

In October 2013, Undress Runway Brisbane hit the catwalk with 28 designers, 3 runway shows for 1 night only. From Wilson’s Carpark, Chinatown Mall, sustainable art exhibits and organic cocktails set the scene for a progressively subversive urban fashion spectacle.  

And in the lead up to Undress Runway Melbourne, Sat Feb 15 from the Sustainable Living Festival, we revisit Brisbane’s sustainable fashion adventure.

Click here to view all the pics from the show


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