Valentine’s Single In The City

For all the lovers, My City Life's Top 5 Ways of Being Single in The City on Valentine’s Day starts with sliding into the unfettered posture of Loosey Goosey, and ducking out to some mofo single’s parties.

This article was first published on our original site MyCityLife way back on the 12th February 2014

There’s this god-awful conspiracy that being single means being lonely. So far, there seems only a few downsides to being single: moving apartment all by oneself, and trying to do up the zipper on the back of one’s dress are standouts. Otherwise, being single seems ultra awesomes. 

Anonymous Tip #1:
Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

Anonymous Tip #2:
Roses are red, violets are blue, Alfredo’s pizza costs less than dinner for two. 

So on the international ‘holiday’ of love, while couples moon over each other, ‘poor’ singles are left to ‘suffer’ #allegedly.

Two amaze-balls peoples disagree
Your Friend’s House Valentine’s Day Tip: 
Dump Partner before Valentine’s Day. Save Money.

Ideal Introduction‘s very own Love Doctor Linda Prescott’s Valentine’s Day Tip:
If all else fails, be your own Valentine. Spend the night pampering you! 

For all the lovers, My City Life’s Top 5 Ways of Being Single in The City on Valentine’s Day starts with sliding into the unfettered posture of Loosey Goosey, and ducking out to some mofo non-couplet parties.

#1 Tinder Like It’s Hot
Self styled as a fun way to break the ice, Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better #ItStartsHere
Gentle word of caution to the less-than-wise: can be read while #drank as #ItsTartsHere

Clearly the hottest thing since old-fashioned fuel for the fire, Tinder’s got more wood than.. well.. #ahem wood. The City is hosting not just one, but two Tinder rooftop parties. Whatevs, hook up is still #guaranteed.

Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar in The Valley has everything #special for the singles and minglers with The Official Tinder Rooftop Party. Free entry, plunge pools, a well-stocked bar supervised by deft mixologists and Brisbane’s phreshest DJs, and one, two or more can expect a #profusion of wild #salacious behaviour. Limes is even more accommodating to prospective lovers, with a hotel politely positioned beneath. Ooo #sexual. Meanwhile, 5.3kms on the other side of town, Dandy’s Rooftop at The Fox Hotel in South Brisbane is saying I Love Tinder, by uniting with other Tinder users for a night of flirty times. Hosted by Nova’s totes #unsingle Luttsy, the sweeping backdrop of The City’s riverside views will blow away all and #sundry. Don’t feel like Tindering? Watch the proceedings with a jaded eye, enjoy the food and drink in the views and spirits anyways.

#2 Be The Third Wheel

In a menage-a-trois, there’s still a single wheel somewhere. Two more along for the ride just makes things #funtimes. Kettle & Tin in Paddington are totes out-and–out anti-valentine’s, offering singles, groups of friends, third wheels and wine lovers a gift of #red when they lodge a booking of three or more. From New Farm, Francie May Says February 14 is a Stupid Cupid Party. It’s not a #hallmark occasion, just big love and a party for #everyone with Chris Sheehy doing live music duties behind the #mic and the guitar.

#3 Be a succubus. Love Bites.

At Laruche, flirty fun in The Valley is looking #fooking fabulous with the Love Bites Single’s Night. Fill the dancefloor with DJane GG Magree on the wheels of steel, serve a torrent of spirited drinks and have oodles of single-friendly fun with others who like to party #solo. Candy, specialty cocktails and a photo (kissing?) booth are on the #singledom cards. Not sure anyone will last single for long with the proposed game of Perfect Match. Secure your playing card on entry, spend the night finding the person with the matching card, collect your cocktail for two to share and see if sparks fly. ‘Sif it wouldn’t by that time of night.

#4 Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned.
Human beans and rejection mix like Tay Tay Swift and… #anyone.
And The Exchange Hotel totes helps the healing process with an SMS Flirt Party. So much #nerd, so much #intelligence, with interactive messaging via a four storey projector screen. Because size matters. Still got that demon hovering on the fine line between pleasure and pain? Bring in a picture of your ex and see it shred, shred, shred. If one ain’t satisfied at that point, drown one’s sorrows.

#5 Get back to nature.

Gather your tribe and #hookup – it’s not always about the lone wolf. Create a meaningful space to gather, celebrate life, educate, connect, heal and inspire with Earth Frequency at the gorgeous Ivory’s Rock in Peak Crossing. A massive four day bender of music, arts, lifestyle from a lush envinronmental outdoor festival will refresh, revitalixe and renergise the mind, body and #soul. You won’t be single for long as you plug into Earth Freq’s Borg-minded collective #conscienceness. You will be one with breakbeat artist Freq Nasty alongside Spoonbill, The Funk Hunters and a manifold of doof #virtuosos.


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