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A drinking hole, diner and collection of gaming relics from decades past. Vintage gaming, pinball, board games and more. In the waste land of the Valley far beyond where Brisbane punters should dare explore lies the Netherworld.

Lurking in the shadows beyond, the corner bar crouches over forgotten treasures from the 70’s until present day including 15 pinball machines, 25 arcade machines, classic consoles and countless board games. The bar wields 24 taps of local beer, cider and mixed elixirs. The diner serves up a diverse and otherworldly selection of bites, buns and bowls. Mind the hell mouth and welcome to the other side.

With a menu made for Vegans, The Hellmouth Diner melds playful and mindful eating, boasting a fusion of flavours from the Americas and Asia, delivering fun diner bites and classics with a twist. 

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