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QMusic is Queensland's music industry development association, charged with promoting the best of Queensland music. QMusic brings our local artists to the forefront of our consciousness with initiatives such as, BIGSOUND and the Queensland Music Awards while also providing workshops, seminars and masterclasses throughout Queensland.

In the same vein of Glenn Wheatley to Whispering Jack, QMusic is the wind beneath our killer music scene’s wings. The Godfather of Queensland’s music industry, the patron of local funk and soul, the defender of music rights and the champion of singer-songwriters, QMusic is pretty fly at just sixteen.

Dedicated to fostering aspiring artists, culture and community, QMusic is the perfect cultural wonderbra, finely enhancing Queensland’s most musical assets. Situated in Australia’s music mecca The Valley, they are the ring-leaders of cool. As the arbitrator of BIGSOUND and the Queensland Music Awards, QMusic also leads the way as the doyen for our favourite music venues, street press and radio stations, while building connections and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The ‘Q’ to R&D in the Sunshine State, and just as omnipotent in Star Trek, QMusic is as Continuum as Jaco Pastorius. Think of them as that one awesome guy who always got invited to jams, because he had a perspex 8 string Les Paul that shot fireworks out of the neck when he hit a Darren Middleton riff. 


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