The Scoop: Watt Restaurant + Bar’s Autumn Menu

The key for any perfect Autumn menu in The City should see a focus on bright colours while acting as the perfect passport between Summer and Winter. And with its brand new and shiny Autumn menu, Watt Restaurant + Bar manages all this admirably.

This article was originally published on our site – My City Life back on the 24th March 2014

For foodies, Autumn would have to be the most exciting time of year. Whereas Summer is all about Christmas and seafood, hot sticky nights with unbearable hot days, and Winter porking up on casseroles, pies, crumbles, comfort food and rugby league, Autumn simmers with beautiful produce that sees the best of both worlds merge. It’s is the jet setter of the seasons, flirting between the hot and cold months easily and swiftly. It’s like flashing your bare shoulder from beneath that thick baggy woolly sweater. The key for any perfect Autumn menu in Brisbane should see a focus on bright colours while acting as the perfect passport between Summer and Winter.

And with its brand new and shiny Autumn menu Watt Restaurant + Bar manages all this admirably. They would certainly hold the key to The City purely based upon colour and presentation with a menu that reminisces sweetly on the hot and cold months. While the need for a summer body becomes minimal – especially in light of all the fabulous comfort foods available with winter – Watt keeps us eating clean and wholesome all year round. And in grand fashion, Watt adjusts smoothly to our never-ending desires by supplying portions catering to both share plates and the hungry Aussie appetite with value for money. And home to Brisbane’s iconic Sunday sessions, Watt Restaurant + Bar’s got this 365 days of the year.

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The honey-cured salmon and radish salad dowse the palate for bigger and better things to come. It’s the perfect and fresh start to any meal while keeping a tantalising hold on summer.

The pan seared scallops, chimichurri and prosciutto crumble takes exploring to new levels – it certainly makes you feel like one of the privileged with its taste sensations. The prosciutto crumble particularly completes this dish, and alongside the Argentinian green sauce of the chimichurri, compliments the scallops beautifully.


For the non-seafood fans or even those perhaps just wanting an excuse to eat something that seems a teeny bit naughty, head for Watt’s rendition of popcorn chicken with yellow peanut curry sauce. Don’t be mistaken, however: this is far from fast food, with the batter of the popcorn chicken light and airy, and the coconut milk in the curry sauce keeping things graceful and smooth. There’s no need for cheat meals with this dish, though your tastebuds will disagree. 


The baked mushroom and spinach lasagna roll served atop roasted red pepper sauce is a visual and culinary experience. Wholesome, fresh and far from heavy, this will be the lightest lasagna you will ever wrap your mouth around.

The autumn vegetables, risotto with parmesan wafer is also a wonderfully light choice that warms the heart and fulfills the appetite.


For the hungry, the duck breast, bok choy, chestnut puree and honey soy ginger dressing will take you south for the winter. You’ll have your greens and protein all in one and keep that grumbling belly at bay.


Depending on what level of dessert connoisseur you fall into, each of these desserts will knock your socks off. For those who like to only dabble their toes into the sugar, the mango, coconut and lychee terrine with rosewater jelly keeps the sugar levels on an even keel and the tastebuds flooded with sweeteners.

For the chocoholics, the chocolate clafoutis (Klah-foo-tee) with raspberry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream is your ticket to gay Par-ee.

For the serious dessert gourmands, Watt have prepared a salted caramel brulee with orange wafer to melt your insides while it melts in your mouth. Local foodies will be very much aware of the salted caramel craze, and while it may seem there’s another trite addition to The City’s salted caramel love affair, this particular dish isn’t your cheap and nasty salted caramel ménage a trois; in fact, this will be the one dish that proves difficult to share.

And lastly, for the intense dessert savant, the pecan tart, toffee sauce and fig crumble is a nutty haven. This is undoubtedly the perfect Autumn dessert with especial focus on the fig that balances sweetly with the richness of the toffee sauce and the lushness of the pecan pie.


Paired with a cappuccino for your morning start, there’s an experience that will get your day going nicely.

Photo Credit: Lady Lex 


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