Watt turns 13

From the archive: This article was published on our original site MyCityLife back on April 15 2014

Watt Restaurant + Bar is officially a teen. It’s even more reason for the party to be awesomes, for the year Watt was born was indeed a special one:

2001 saw Wikipedia launched on the baby interwebs and Microsoft launching Windows XP (where things would steadily go downhill from there on out). We said hello to the iPod and iTunes, adieu to Ansett Australia and Napster, and passed on our thanks and goodbyes to Sir Donald Bradman, John Lee Hooker, Aaliyah and George Harrison.

We watched in disbelief as 911 changed the face of our world though we sat in hope for world reconciliation when Koffi Annan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, then were collectively amazed to find out Christopher Skase really was telling the truth, when he departed for the blessed isles from Majorca. We madly danced to Tiesto’s In My Memory, Daft Punk’s Digital Love and The Gorillaz, while Area: One Music Festival saw Moby creating a bill featuring himself playing alongside Outkast, New Order, The Roots, Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox

There was something really cool about Eminem going back for his D12 posse with Purple Hills, Nikka Costa’s Everybody Got Their Something was funky as, while Alicia Key’s Fallin’ debuted, and was murdered over and over by every singing hopeful on Australian Idol. We loved Kylie’s hot pants, The Supermen LoversStarlight and thought Christopher Walken was too cool when he featured in Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice. Britney actually sounded ok in Slave 4 U though Destiny Child’s Survivor still kicked her ass. We would go on to ignore John Howard, Peter Beattie and Big Brother, though the bum dance ate Australia. Oh yeh, reality TV hit down under hard. 

2001 was the year that birthed the home of Sundae, Brisbane’s longest-running and coolest Sunday session. This is the music of choice when we sit down along the riverside and enjoy a cheeky cocktail, share a plate of arancini balls or bottle of fine white with loved ones. Watt Restaurant + Bar has come to mean a great deal to Brisbane, languishing beneath the cultural edifice that is Brisbane Powerhouse. Watt is the unit that binds Brisbane together, that attracts visitors to our riverbanks like moths to the flame, and brings the great outdoors in when it’s time to bask in the vinyl of Sundae residents DJane Chantal and Coolhand Luke as those turntables get spinning.

Few 13 year olds do not possess the charm nor the warmth that Watt emits, but Watt has always been that special place we come home to, that restaurant we can always rely on for wicked food, excellent service and an enchanting ambiance. And as we blow out the dazzling candles for Watt’s many years in service, Brisbane says thank you Watt: may your light burn bright, always.


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