Why You Should Earth Frequency 2015

From the archives: This is from our original site, MyCityLife, posted back on 23 January 2015

Iconic outdoor festival Earth Frequency takes over Ivory’s Rock for its 10-year anniversary celebrations and looks set to be an especially epic edition, featuring a vast lineup of live music and DJs, artwork, markets, talks and workshops. We look at the reasons Why You Should Earth Frequency 2015


Earth Freq’s aim is to foster a real communal vibe and to create a space where everyone can share the experience with positive intentions. It’s a place to connect with one another on the same level – basically, everyone is a friend you just haven’t met yet.


There’s something about hearing electronic music pumping out of a massive sound system in the middle of the Australian bush that just works. With over 100 acts on the bill this year, covering a diverse range of live electronic, DJs and bands across three stages, there’s something to satisfy everyones musical cravings.


Camping is a big part of the festival as a retreat from the madness of the dancefloor and a space to rest and recharge. Campsite becomes headquarters for the weekend; a base of operations for the next plan of attack, or a meeting space to connect with others. Ivory’s Rock also provides deluxe camping – powered campsites closer to the entertainment area – and family camping, situated further away making for a quieter campsite.


These pop up metropolis are quite the sight. The Earth Frequency Marketplace will be home to stalls from food to arts and craft, as well as locally produced clothing, while Frequency Village is a cultural space for workshops and talks, with the two combining to provide a feast for the mind, body and soul.


The festival emphasis is on art, from decor and installations and performance art to live painting, VJs and multimedia. All of these combine to create an immersive creative space that looks completely out of this world – especially at night. 


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