You Could Win FREE Burgers At This Inflatable Obstacle Course

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife, back on 11 October 2019

Brisbane, let’s be real, we’re coming into the stormy season and during this time we all want to batten down the hatches and watch from the comfort of our homes. Now imagine you just get home from work/studying or just had a bit of a big night the night before, you see claps of lightning and the rumble of thunder. Or was that your tummy? The fridge is empty.. you’ve got a hankering for a big juicy burger, so you pull out your phone and order directly to your door with Menulog. You watch from the comfort of the couch, you see that Sebastian (who’s on a scooter) has picked up your burgers and is on his way! Yey, you wait with anticipation and get a little excited when you see Seb is just 1 Minute away, he knocks on the door, Thanks mate! You say and thank the food gods for Menulog! You see Seb drive off on the scooter in the pouring rain as you dig in. 


Well, Menulog is giving you and your mates the chance to win FREE burgers from Ollie’s Trolly until the end of November (aka storm season). Ollies Trolley serve up quality and quantity being a fav pick amongst locals loving the Hungry Cowboy, Cheesy Cowboy and Tropicana Burger! How, do you say? Well, come along this Saturday and Sunday to Brisbane’s Discovery Market and have a crack at the “delivery” obstacle course – wipeout style. 

Wearing a giant Menulog bag outfit you’ll have to find lost keys in a pit of car tyres, battle a wind tunnel and “rain” (well, being pelted with water balloons) and maneuver through obstacles (including the family “pet”) to deliver the order at the end. The team that delivers food the freshest, wins! So if your down for a heck tonne of fun and want your chance to win a storm season supply of burgers delivered to your door then pop on down to The Brisbane Discovery Markets this Saturday & Sunday.


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