6 Reasons Why You Need Facial Massage In Your Life

When the world gets tough, my self-care routine is my personal savior. Seriously, it’s probably the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. And the number one item on my self-care to-do list is facial massage. There are so many reasons to add a massage into your at home skincare routine, not the least of which is relaxation.

I’ve been massaging my face every night for the past two weeks (you can use a simple facial roller but I’ve been using my Aceology Ice Globe Facial Massagers for extra cooling element) and let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Here are all the ways my new massage routine has changed my skin for the better.

Gets rid of tension
Stressful times mean muscle tension, and facial muscles are not immune. A calming one-to-two-minute massage can loosen up that tightness that can lead to headaches and, eventually, wrinkles. Built up sinus pain? Behind-the-eyes headache? Jaw clenching pain? Massaging these spots (especially with cooling tools like the Aceology Ice Globes) can help alleviate your pain.

Make sure you always massage upwards so you’re combating gravity so that everything goes up.


Goodbye puffy under eyes! Massaging your face can help firm the skin (and in doing so, help you look like you actually slept last night). What’s more, a cooling massage can also shrink pores, which is on everyone’s skincare wishlist.

Speeds up toxin removal

When you are massaging your face, you can choose to follow a lymphatic drainage routine. Apart from relieving sinus pressure and tension headaches, a proper lymphatic drainage massage can help speed up the removal of toxins and waste in the blood.

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Increases circulation

Get ready to oxygenate your skin and increase your circulation. What does this mean for your skin? Think more even skin tone. A cooling facial massage boosts your circulation, which brings more oxygen into the blood and helps nix those dark spots and pigmentation for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Acts like a mini facelift

Because you’re encouraging circulation to the area, you’re also promoting collagen production. The result of your skin producing more collagen is a healthy, natural glow to the skin thanks to increased firmness and bounce back. It’s a natural renewal anti-aging technique!

Helps products absorb into the skin

When you’re willing to drop the big bucks on expensive serums and moisturisers, you want to maximise their effectiveness any way you can. Welcome to facial massage. Massaging products into your skin is not only relaxing, but it actually helps those products sink in much better. Apply with a gentle tapping motion on pressure points and then continue with a massage routine.


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